Yardi Systems Unveil Mobile Based App for Storage Operators

Yardi System Inc., a real estate software firm, has just released their mobile-based web product that is specifically designed for self-storage operators to assist similar facilities of storage units in Leeds.

The software is called Yardi Genesis and it supports cloud hosing. It is designed to streamline property management and accounting for any type of storage business regardless of its size. It automates day to day operation and even has a full accounting general ledger. Yardi System says that all operating and accounting data is centralized and easy to access at any time as long as you have an internet connection.

Genesis Suite also allows the operator to purchase optional add-ons such as marketing, leasing, insurance, payment processing, and tenant services products. One such module is RENT Café, which allows customers to instantaneously apply for storage units available and to manage their own accounts by paying online remotely from their mobile phones.

Users can also access analytics and site data anytime with the use of any mobile device whether by table or by phone. On top of that, operators can easily track move-ins and move-outs and perform walk-through audits with Store Mobile app.

This software would now allow storage clients to use Yardi to their advantage as the company has had more than 30 years of experience in software development.

Terri Dowen, Senior Vice President of Sales, says that Yardi has always aimed to offer their clients with end to end management solutions to optimize the operation of their self-storage business and achieve their own personal goals.

Yardi will still continue to support other software such as Store Advantage and Store Enterprise, which are self-storage applications integrated with call centers, corporate offices, mobile devices, Web aggregators, other business systems, and with central mailing services.

Yardi has long been a designer and developer of software used for real estate management and business concerning real estate. It has long range of software, which include programs for accounting, operations, ancillary processes.

Yardi is based in Santa Barbara, California and has services worldwide in areas such as Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, and North America. The company is a designer, developer and supporter of software for the management of property and other real estate investments.