Worldview From A Principal

It is the belief of Jorge Nelson that the best leaders are those that give others a chance to be a part of the initiative. He is the latest principal at the Mountain View Elementary School located in Shelton. He admitted that it was never his dream to become a school administrator.

Nelson shared how he thought them to be control freaks and it was only when he met a mentor that showed him the true meaning of a true leader that he realizes what it really means. To be a leader is to be a model or mentor and not a manager or a boss.

Nelson remembered that the president of the University of Guam was once quoted to compare schools to health facilities such as hospitals. He shared that it is the place where the employees outweighs the knowledge of the manager. A hospital manager is not in a position to instruct the surgeon on what to do during a surgery but he is the one in charge of finding the best surgeons for the hospital. In the same way, Nelson admitted that he cannot teach kids in the kindergarten because he would be terrible at the job.

Nelson has been in the field of education for around three decades and he has been to over half a dozen countries as a teacher. He started teaching in 1985 but this is the first time that he accepted a job in the United States.

He also revealed that he was branded as July Jorge because he only gets to visit his parents who are living in Shelton during the summer but he knew that at the later stage of his career that he will come home.

It was when his parents decided to teach overseas at an International School Bangkok located in Thailand that he started teaching as well. The first time was for third graders in an American school. Even after his parents retired, he decided to stay abroad to teach. After teaching in Thailand, he also taught in Pakistan, Paraguay, Venezuela, Indonesia, Guam, South Korea, Vienna and Burma.

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