Women’s History Month Celebrated By Art Galleries In Cleveland

Every month of March, the Women’s History Month is being held in celebration all over the world. In honor of the celebration, there are 86 galleries in Cleveland, Ohio that are participating in a movement to feature only works made by female artists.

Mary Urbas was responsible for coordinating this movement and she is also the organizer of the gallery tour directory of all the shows along with her very own exhibit called “From Woman X” which may be viewed at The Gallery located at the7700 Clocktower Drive, Kirtland which is where the Lakeland Community College is. “From Woman X” will have an opening reception on March 16, Sunday which will start from 3:30 PM until 5 PM.

The concept of the yearly show “From Woman” was originally inspired by famous art collaboration in New York City, the Guerilla Girls. They are responsible in exploring politics, gender as well as pop culture with the use of visuals which are usually over-the-top. This year 2017 will be the tenth year of the show “From Woman” and they will be featuring the highest number of artists. There will be 42 artists coming from Indiana, Arizona and Ohio while 14 of them are first time to join the roster.

Urbas said that the exhibition for this year is considered to be their most ambitious ever. Urbas will also be the curator of two other exhibitions that will feature works made by female artists. The Collinwood’s Article Gallery located at 15316 Waterloo Road will be hosting the exhibit “Paintings, Prints, and Poems for Meditation by Betty Skufca”. The show will showcase the works of Skufca from original oil painting made in plexiglass as well as canvas. There will be prints, assemblage art and jewelry featured. The display will also include the poems made by the 89 year old artist. The reception will be held on March 3 starting at 6 PM until 10 in the evening.

The different galleries for the entire month of March will showcase the different artworks of female artists which will include paintings on canvas and the modern photos on canvas artworks.