Window Dressing As The Most Vital Feature In A Room

The style of Perth’s premium blind has come a long way from its humble beginnings two thousand years ago. Today, blinds are considered as elegant window treatments with various options available from sheer, translucent and block-outs. For additional decorative effect, blinds can be stained or painted to satisfy design criteria.

Window treatments should never be overlooked whether you are particularly blessed with sunlight throughout the year or the home has dark spaces that need brightening up. Window blinds, curtains and shutters provide an ideal balance of light and privacy not to mention the fact that it can easily enhance the beauty of a room.

Window blinds can be an effective and eye-catching option to curtains as well as being practical, durable and cost effective. According to Kerry Nichols, a home decorating buyer at John Lewis, blinds can maximize the light that enters the room during the day while block-out blinds can minimize the entry of early morning sunlight.

Blinds are perfect for all seasons because they can brighten up a room during summer while providing warmth during winter. A Roman blind can be a perfect option for any window style most especially if you have a bay window that has a seat which makes hanging a curtain a challenge. In order to create a cohesive interior décor, the color of the blinds can be matched with repeated fabric pattern on the window seat cushions so that the space can gain a dose of your personality.

It also helps to ensure that the window blinds look good from the outside as it is from within to increase curb appeal. You can use complimentary trim, tassels or decorative stitching for a stylish and elegant finish.

Colored shutters can also add a sense of vibrancy in rooms particularly if the general color scheme is neutral. Shutters can match both traditional and contemporary designs and they can provide privacy without losing light. On the other hand, curtains are perfect to bring nature inside the home to keep the mood uplifted on bad days. Combining curtains and window blinds will help filter out the light and allow the curtain to remain open and look more dressed.