Why Is The Demand For Real Estate In Thailand Increasing Among Chinese Investors

From a report published by Juwai.com, a Chinese international real estate website, there has been a considerable increase in demand for Chinese investors who are interested in buying properties in Thailand in the last year. The reason why there is a continued increase in the demand may be because of the travel bug.

According to the CEO of Juwai.com, Charles Pittar, because of the fast growth in tourism there is also an increase in the desire of the Chinese investors to have more real estate properties. He also added that when Chinese were asked for the countries that they would love to visit this year, Thailand is on the top 6. It achieved a higher rank compared to other countries such as Singapore and France.

There are many who are asking about the top destinations in Thailand that they should visit and the enquiries continued to increase in the last two years. Among the top destinations in Thailand, there are two that stand out.

Pittar revealed that there is a great battle, for the past year, between the two famous places in Thailand – Bangkok and Pattaya. As of the moment, Pattaya properties have twice the buyers compared to the properties in Bangkok.

From the second quarter of last year until the second quarter of this year 2016, Pattaya has moved from 100 and later on become 209. This is according to the Chinese Purchasing Intent Index in the website of Juwai.com. The index measures the interest of the Chinese investors in a specific location. This is done by tracking the real estate hunting activities that they do online. Pattaya has received the most enquiries compared to all other places in Thailand.

That capital of Thailand, on the other hand, moved from 100 to 296 in its index. This means that its growth is the fastest when it comes to enquiries coming from Chinese investors.

This is good news overall for the country of Thailand after it has turned off Chinese investors because of the political issues that occurred back in 2014. Over the last year, the top five destinations in the country has twice the Chinese Purchasing Intent Index than before and this is why there is a higher demand for condos for sale in Pattaya.