Where To Get The Money When Boiler Repairs Require $350,000

On the Hudson River, a sprawling 150-year old convent that has become home to Franciscan Sisters is facing the issue of broken boilers. Winter is coming and if the boilers are not fixed or replaced, the sisters have to put on extra sweaters. A boiler maintenance check discovered that 4 of the boilers were broken. Replacement will cost about $50,000 apiece. Besides that, there are leaks in the records and archives room. The total amount required for repairs and replacements to make the convent comfortable for the Franciscan Sisters is $350,000.

The convent is running on one boiler which is not enough to provide heat when the winds from the Hudson River start to chill the convent. The sisters do not have $350,000. The dilemma cannot be solved through prayers alone and they have to seek earthbound help. The Franciscan Sisters have decided to take the plea to a crowdfunding platform where funds for a project can be raised through small amounts provided by a large number of people through the internet. “Heat for the Sisters” is an effort on youcaring.com.

The Franciscan Sisters belong to an international community not a diocesan community although they are also required to follow the rules of the local diocese. They do not get financial support from the local diocese so that they have to rely on donations for their day-to-day needs. Some of the sisters work to earn some stipend but considering that the most of the sisters are 65 years old, work will not allow them to support the convent needs. Some of the sisters receive Social Security.

Many have responded to the sister’s plea for donations because of personal connections and good deeds that have provided to the community. Others have reached out to make suggestions so that the boilers will be repaired now that the weather is getting colder.

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