What Drove Brisbane Tyres In 2016?

Regardless of the type of land vehicle that you are driving at the moment, whether it’s a luxury car like an expensive Mercedes Benz or a sporty sports car like the 2017 version of the Nissan GT-R, one of the important parts you should regularly check and if needed, replace, are the tyres. Tyres serve as the shoes of your car which allow you to reach places, no matter how far the distance is. In addition to this, the health of your car’s tyres will dictate your safety while driving on the road because in the past years, most of the fatal road accidents that were recorded were cause of faulty or blown tyres. Recently, professionals have noticed that the industry of Brisbane tyres has recorded a significant surge in 2016. Nowadays, tyre shops in Brisbane and in other major cities in the world are now offering a much wider variety of tyres for different kinds of vehicles including heavy ones such as 4 by 4 pick-ups and lighter kinds of trucks. One of the major reasons why this industry is booming as of late is that some shops are offering cheaper set of tyres without compromising the quality of the tyres and most importantly, the safety of the drivers and passengers themselves.

As mentioned above, 2016 was considerably a fruit year for the Brisbane tyres industry not just in Brisbane in Down Under Australia but in the rest of the world. Below are some of the reasons that will explain the industry’s recently found success:

  • One of the major factors that can be attributed to the recent success of the industry is the emergence of new materials and latest and revolutionary technology that are now being put to good use for tyre production. Nowadays, there are over 100 materials that are needed to produce a tyre. Configuration of a set of tyres varies depending on what type of car the tyres will be installed to and, the current fuel prices.
  • Most of the tyre distributors started doing businesses online and that paid off. It’s already that with the emergence of online selling, the sales of tyres is expected to go up by 40% by this year and beyond.