Website For Comparing Funeral Costs Receiving Heat From The Industry

There is a new website that was launched for the purpose of comparing the costs of funeral services all over Australia. This is in an attempt to bring transparency to the funeral industry but there has been some heat as legal threats are being prepared by those involved. Funeral directors in Perth are not happy with the new website because majority of them have not been asked for permission before their businesses are listed on the site.

The website is called Gathered Here and it was launched at the beginning of this year in order to compare prices across funeral homes. It has recently received letters that order cease and desist for the website. The letters are sent by lawyers that are representative of various funeral homes that have been demanding the website to remove their business from the listings.

Colin Wong is the founder of the website and he said that the passing of his great aunt prompted him to start the website. He said that the options presented by funeral homes during the mourning process is not only confronting to the families but complex as well.

He also added that there are many families that are put under pressure thus they have no choice but to pay the amount.

Mr. Wong said that it is common for expensive items such as coffins to be offered with words that hint at giving the best to their loved ones who passed away. Some will feel pressured to take the more expensive one while there are those that could not afford to pay the funeral services thus they are bargaining and are asking for terms to be negotiated.

People use the website by inputting basic information about the funeral service they desire and Mr. Wong called a number of funeral homes in order to know their quotes.

The funeral industry is not happy about the website including funeral directors in Perth because of the method used by the website in gathering data. There are other sites that serve the same purpose but are getting permission from the businesses before including them on the listing.