Upgrade Planned For Dreamworld

Sparkies from across the AU, from an electrician in Wakerley to Melbourne, alongside the rest of the country took notice of the disaster in Dreamworld which resulted in the death of four guests. According to an electrician working at the amusement park has stated that the electrical system in the park was due to undergo upgrades before the tragedy.

According to the sparky, he believed that wiring was due for an upgrade, describing the electrical system as a “rat’s nest”  in the main control panel of the Gold Cost park. Back in October 2016, one of the water pumps on the Thunder River Rapids malfunctioned.

This malfunction ended up resulting in a chain of events that ended with two rafts colliding into each other as well as one other tipping up vertically, resulting in the deaths of Cindy Low, Kate Good child, Luke Dorsett and Roozi Araghi.

At the inquiry into the deaths back on the 28th of June, park sparky Francoire De Villiers gave his approval on a Workplace Health and Safety Report description on the electrical system. He agreed that the level of installation of the wiring was poor and that he had already reported the issue to his supervisors repeatedly. De Villiers says that he notified Supervisor Ritchie every time the park underwent preventative maintenance.

According to De Villiers that he dealt with three separate instances of the south pump failing within five days before the accident, with one malfunction happening in the same morning, a detail that would raise the eyebrow of any electrician in Wakerley or anywhere else. He reported to the inquiry that he was directed to test the pump’s motor for electrical faults on October 26, a day after the tragedy.

On the ninth day of the inquest on the tragedy, the family members of the victims watched the CCTV footage of the accident as part of the closed court, played during lunch break.

Joe Stenning was a worker on the Gold Coast theme park back in January 2001, where a similar, albeit non-fatal collision occurred. The report detailed that the visitor attraction lacked a second operator, as well an employee panicking during the incident.

The inquest on the accident continues.