Understanding The Inner Workings Of A Typical Electric Cattle Fence

When considering safety, life span, and economical factors, choosing an electric cattle fence over barbed wire and non-electric fencing is the way to go. There are so many fencing options for cattle. The type chosen will depend on factors such as expenses, and ease of construction.During the traditional days, barbed wire or woven wire have been used for cattle fencing. They are highly dangerous and can seriously injure animals that touches them. In addition, barbed wire fences will require more maintenance and will have a brief span of life usage.

In this century, electric cattle fence with high tensile ability is proving to be the popular choice. It can be automatically used for both interior and perimeter fencing.

Cattle fence characteristics

There are majorly two characteristics of an electric cattle fence. The fence wire and fence charger.The fence wire used to contain cattle varies from 1 – 6, depending on whether you are concerned about keeping out predators, you want the cattle within the enclosure, you are concerned about using rotational grazing and the cattle size range.

A fence charger is the livewire of the fence.It can deliver about 2000 – 3000 volts on the fence line. The voltage level isinfluenced by length of the fence and type of wire used. For heavy weed conditions or long fences, low impedance fence charger is required.To moderate a weed conditions accurately, a solid-state fence charger is required. Battery and solar charger are ideal for fence powering.

How to construct

A 6-foot galvanised ground rod within 20feet should be installed. For the fence controller, use a ground rod clamp to assemble the insulated ground wire to the ground rod. 10 – 14gauge wire and insulation of 600 – 20000 volts are required for the ground wire.


An electric cattle fence is a first line of protection for cattle from intruders. It keeps cattle from wandering beyond certain areas within the perimeter. It doesn’t cause any injury to animals that have contact with it. It is affordable and easy to construct. You should choose it over traditional barbed wire and brick fences.