UK Recent Laws With Regards To Car Seat Safety

If you are always on the road with your little ones, it is important to have a baby car seat to keep them safe and comfortable at all times. There are new laws recently imposed in the United Kingdom that prohibits parents from using booster seats that are backless as an alternative car seat for younger kids.

The news laws are not only impacting the families but the manufacturers as well as because according to the law, backless booster seats are no longer recommended for young kids that are below 125 cm in height or if the child’s weight is not over 22 kilograms.

Before the new law was released, kids that weigh a minimum of 15 kilograms are allowed to use the backless booster seats but it is not safe and suitable as per experts.

According to the new law, children that are 12 years old and below or those who are 135 cm or less in height should still be using a car seat. Depending on which criteria the kid belongs to.

While there are many different car seats in the market, it is important to know that only car seats that have been approved by EU is authorized to be used while in UK. EU-approved car seats come with a capital E inside a circle.

The seats for children’s can only be attached if the seats are equipped with diagonal belts. The only exception would be if the seat was made to be used as lap belts or it comes with an ISOFIX anchor points.

If the child is over 12 years old or has a height more than 135 cm then they are required to use a seat belt at all times. Children below these requirements should be using only car seats that are appropriate for their weight or height.

If the baby is less than 9 kilograms, they should be using a baby carrier and not a child seat.

Rear facing should always be done on baby car seat if the child is 15 months or younger. Children with disabilities should be equipped with a seat specially designed for them.