Ugly Uniform Compilation Updated

The star pitcher of the Chicago White Sox, Chris Sale, received a suspension from the Major League Baseball club after he decided to tear apart the throwback uniforms that the entire team is scheduled to wear. He used a pair of scissors to accomplish the task.

Sale was supposed to play as pitcher in last Saturday’s game but he was not allowed to be in the game after he torn several retro 1976 uniform jerseys. The exact number of the destroyed jerseys is still unknown.

Sources reveal that it was Sale’s request that they should not be forced to wear the jerseys since he finds them uncomfortable to play in. According to the same source, Sale’s did the cutting during his batting practice. He was upset that the people behind the jerseys are more considered about PR and the jersey sales rather than in winning the game.

The club still refused to give in to his demand and that was when Sale got quite mad. He reasoned that the team is giving more importance to how much the jersey sales they could gather and are not concerned whether they win or not despite the uncomfortable uniform.

The White Sox are order to wear the throwback uniform made last 1983 in exchange to the ones that has been damaged by Sale.

Sale received a fine amounting to $12,700 which is roughly the total price of the jerseys he destroyes. He also got a suspension of five days in addition to the fine as punishment. With the five day suspension, he will not receive a pay of $250,000.

In sports history, Sale is not the only one who finds that there is something to be complained about their ugly team uniforms. Take for example the Cleveland Cavaliers and other NBA teams after they are forced to wear the back in fashion T-shirt jersey.

The Golden State Warriors started bringing the trend back in 2013 and other clubs followed suit such as the Cavaliers who decided to don them during their 2015 game versus the New York Knicks. Lebron started poorly during the game and on the second quarter he decided to tear off the sleeves of his T-shirt jersey. Comfort really is everything that is why despite being called the ugly Christmas sweater, many still wears it because of the comfort.