“Uber”—Fication Of Sydney Furniture Removals

The moving industry, specifically the respectable number of licensed Sydney furniture removals companies, has been going through a lot of changes ever since it merged as an essential part of the society. You see, moving from one home to another is not an easy thing to even begin with especially if you have tons of fond memories with your old house. If you need to bring almost everything that is inside your old house and move them all the way to your new home, you will need to a lot of things from packing to loading to vehicles to transporting them and then, unloading and unpacking then once you’ve reached your new home. It’s a hectic work, really. In the past few years, “uber”-fication has been reshaping various industries around the world which include the moving industry. Generally speaking, “uber”-fication means domination of using convenient technology and on-demand delivery services. It has been transforming various industries and now, it aims to change the way people move from one home to another.

Back in 2015, the industry that includes Sydney furniture removals saw a significant increase in the number of new generation of moving companies which employ the strategy of connecting with consumers by the tap of a single button from smartphones and other mobile devices. In addition to this, they have expanded their services from merely helping clients moving their furniture from one side of the country to the other to, providing storage logistics especially for clients who are in need of long-term storage facilities that can be rented or leased. For instance, there’s a moving company in the United States which has been partnering with college students who need to move from their home to the dormitories near the college where they would be studying. Also, there’s a mobile application which has been invented to help facilitate micro-moves around the country. Furthermore, smaller moving companies, removalists in particular, are now specializing in niche moving in hopes of walking away from the traditional end-to-end moving experience. In the last two years, the venture capitalists from moving industry has been to funnel down a whooping total of 18 million US Dollars into moving companies, in the United States alone.