UAE’s Security In Life And Death

When a person passes away, they would have to entrust their estate to an individual. When this happens, probate lawyers in Melbourne are required to handle the legal matters to make sure that the wishes of the deceased will be followed. Oftentimes, this is such a hot topic among family members and results to fights and disagreements.

Death brings about uncertainty to many and this is why the legal model in UAE was a breath of fresh air. According to the new mandate, widows as well as female divorcees are allowed to have a one-year visa without the need of a sponsor once the death of the spouse or the divorce has been finalized.

This is a life-changing rule as many of the female foreigners who are living in UAE are only relying on the visa provided by their marriage with their husbands. Ever since the decision was passed by the UAE Cabinet, many are happy to hear about the good news.

This change in the national legal system brings to the forefront the fact that the country is already moving forward and becoming more and more tolerant of the modern world. The new amendment was made in order to promote as well as give assurance to those who desire to live in the country or to start a business locally.

Due to the decision, the women will now have 12 months in order to settle their family affairs as well as their financial issues. They are not forced to get out of the country or to abandon what they have as a couple. Unlike before, the women are not required to handle their affairs while in another country. The law recognizes that they need these assets in order for them to start a new beginning.

If their spouse died, the will is the basis for transferring the wealth and the management will be handled by an executor. For other countries such as Australia, widows would need probate lawyers in Melbourne in order to handle the assets left behind by the spouse. The changes in the law are necessary in order to improve the security as well as to secure the residents along with the investors.