Trump Soho – From Hot To Cold

The 391-room Trump SoHo is a 5 star hotel in Lower Manhattan that used to get good marks from guests. Just 4 months after Trump became the US president, the hotel is taking its down-market turn. Rooms that used to cost $700 per night can now be enjoyed for $400.

According to a hotel spokesman, this is common in the hotel industry as well as other businesses and they have to assess their offerings and services. But is it really normal for a hotel to be avoided by professional athletes like LeBron James and other NBA teams? The hotel used to host Amazon and GE events but it is now being reported that there is a downturn in corporate event bookings.

Celebrities and other diners have stayed away from the sushi restaurant Koi that is why the announcement of its closure did not surprise anyone. According to a server, even the Kardashians have stopped coming to the hotel.

It is not clear where the source of woes are coming from but the new Trump Hotel in Washington that is just a few steps away from the White House is humming with activity in spite of protests on conflict of interest. Residents of the Trump palace complex on Manhattan’s West Side have filed for a petition for the removal of Trump’s name from the building’s façade.

The downturn experienced by Trump SoHo defies the current lodging trends in the City of New York where hotels are experiencing an increase in occupancy. By the end of 2016, the number of hotels in the city is 631, up by almost 30% from 2011. Occupancy is also up at 86% from last year’s 82%. This is despite the popularity of Airbnb home and room sharing platform. Things could get worse for TrumpSoHobecause of the expected decline in foreign arrivals to the city.

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