Traps For Bed Bugs May Not Be Effective For All Types Of Bugs

According to a new study conducted, there are different kinds of bed bugs and some are more talented when it comes to sinking inside the sheets.

The study also reported that majority of the bed bug traps utilized by the pest management firms may not be as effective when it comes to eliminating the little critters.

Researchers were able to study about tropical bed bugs and found out that they have small pads located in their legs which they can manoeuvre in order to grip the trap’s surface as well as walk around the inner wall.

The study was published by the Journal of Economic Entomology and it shows examples Cimex hemipterus, a type of tropical bed bug that can easily climb out of the pit fall traps which has very smooth walls.

During the experiment, the researchers made use of four different brands of traps that are currently leading in the market. All of the tested traps are designed within the United States because this is also where Cimex lectularius, a type of bed bug, is very common.

The experiment revealed that the traps are effective in trapping the adult bed bugs of the Cimex lectularius family but the opposite can be said when used in adult Cimex hemipterus.

The Cimex hemipterus bed bugs have small pads located inside their legs that they use to climb things.

With the use of a scanning electron microscope, Malaysian researchers were able to observe and study the tibial pad that is found in the legs of adult Cimex hemipterus bed bugs. They found out that it contains more hair in comparison to that of a Cimex lectularius.

The organ in their glandular secretion which is found at the bottom of the hairs are more well-developed too.

The researchers were able to observe while the bed bugs made use of their tibial pad in order to climb on smooth surfaces of the traps.

Back in 2014, a revelation was made after performing a genetic test which shows a single pregnant bed bug to be able to start a while infestation and this is when it is important to call for a professional pest control in Newcastle to manage the problem.