Traditional Hand-Embroidered Wedding Dresses Still Popular Among Women

The craft of embroidery has evolved from using simple thread or yarn to the addition of other materials like faux pearls, colourful beads and sequins. If you are decorating a dress, shirt or cape, your best source for embroidery-related products is embroidery supplier in Thailand that ensures product quality and safety.

In Pakistan, traditional hand embroidered wedding dresses are still in demand for female customers. A report that was aired by private news revealed that hand-embroidery designs are still well known and many fashion designers are still adopting the elegant and amazing process of decorating wedding dresses.

Haniya Ali, a customer said that hand embroidered dresses are usually the main attraction for both locals and foreigners in wedding shows. There are dress designers and embroiderers who display their expertise by using very tiny details with care and efficiency. A shopkeeper said that traditional embroidery is also used on formal clothing.

Embroidered clothing has become affordable and time-efficient for many people because of advanced embroidery machines. However, hand embroidery is still more valuable and better than machine embroidery. Many people still opt for hand embroidery on fancy elegant dresses. The designs are more aesthetically beautiful, unique and intricate enough to be used on wedding dresses and formal attire.

There are designs for hand embroidery that cannot be accomplished through a machine that is why it has gained remarkable and exceptional importance among female customers. Hand embroidery is designed using fabrics, threads, needle and yarns. The process of hand embroidery is time consuming and requires extra care and diligent attention.

Some designers who are more creative have added more beautiful additions and modifications to the traditional embroidery designs. Different embroidery techniques are also used to create a dense pattern that will completely hide the foundation fabric. Once the embroidery designs are applied, the customer will no longer care about the underlying fabric of the dress.

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