Town’s Grief For The Didcot Murders Expressed Through Ribbons

The murder of a family in their house at Didcot had left the whole town grieving. It was truly saddening to hear that three lives had been taken, three lives had been stolen, and for a grieving town, what better way to express their grief than with ribbons?

When you happen to be passing through Didcot, then you might notice a trail of brightly colored ribbons tied to lamp posts all over the streets, then you should know that this is the town’s way of showing that they are united in solidarity against the tragedy that had struck them.

The neighbors of the murdered 44-year old Phillip Howard, 48-year old Jan Jordon and 6-year old Derin Jordon, have been coiling ribbons around lamp posts in an act of respect and remembrance for the murdered family.

The ribbons go hand in hand with all the flowers, toys, and cards that were left near the home of the murder victims in Vicarage Road by not only friends and neighbors, but by complete strangers as well as they were compelled to grieve for them.

The All Saints CoE Primary School had also opened their doors to the community where parents have lit tea lights for the family. Derin Jordon was known to have attended the school.

One of her classmates, Aleksandra, has described Derin as a very nice girl who she played with in the sand pit. Their head teacher, John Myers, said that he was shocked to hear of the news concerning Derin and her family. He said that not only were their deaths unbelievable but the manner which they had died as well.
Myers also added how it was already painful to lose a life, but to lose a child is unbearable.

Various people have left messages outside the school, mostly to Derin.
Didcot resident, George Walker, said that one would not think that such a thing could happen in a town like Didcot. But apparently, it did.

21-year old Jed Allen was the one suspected of stabbing his half sister, his mother and her partner. Jed Allen’s suspected body was found in a wooded area in Oxford.