Top Reasons To Choose Cell Booster Nikrans

Cell Booster Nikrans was established in 2013. Despite its young years, the brand is trusted by more costumers and continually emerges as a leading brand in booster technology and signal enhancement. Nikrans have German certifications in compliance of CE and RoHS. The certifications are proof that the products are safe and they do not emit harmful radiations that are hazardous to your health. The products are made by professional technical experts in China. There are parts of the products that are installed manually while there are certain parts that are put together through the use of the latest machinery.

Cell Booster Nikrans have two lines of cell boosters, the MA and NS booster series. The MA series is suited for personal or business applications while the NS booster series is designed for large areas such as those that have more than 1000 square meters in area. Determine the type that is suited for your needs. Both series have different models. Read the specifications of each model to determine further what is applicable for you. One of the models for MA series is LCD-300GD. Here are its best features:

LCD display

The Cell Booster Nikrans LCD300 GD allows you to install and utilize the booster with ease due to its LCD screen. The LCD display provides essential information such as the signal level in the area and setup tips that can be useful for first time signal booster users.

Auto control of signal level

The device can immediately detect if the incoming signal is insufficient. It will function to adjust the system gain based on the signal. With this adjustment, signal interference is avoided thereby giving you a better, uninterrupted internet and call experience.

Automatic sleep mode

When there are no incoming or outgoing calls, the signal booster automatically shifts to sleep mode. This allows you to save energy and as a result, you save on money.

Light weight and compact

One of the best features of Cell Booster Nikrans LCD300 GD is it comes with sleek design and it is lightweight. You can mount it in your interior and it will appear more like a design.