Tips To Get The Right Marquee Hire In Melbourne

There are different types of marquee hire in Melbourne that you can use for your event. All you have to do is find a supplier where you can rent the marque. To hire the right tent, consider a few things such as the following.

Rental costs

The rental costs of marquees vary depending on the marquee’s size and materials.  The usual costs of marquees are around $520 to $2,800 but then again, the rates depend on the various factors. If you only need a tent for your drinks, souvenir booth or light snacks, you can hire a small marquee which could amount at $121. The rental costs already include the delivery of tent, set up, dismantling and collection. You can also opt to add accessories on your marquee such as lighting, marquee lining, stage, flooring and others details. You just have to communicate with the supplier on what your needs are and perhaps even your budget so they can work on it. Ask for cost estimates to get an idea how much you are going to budget for your party including your marquee.

Marquee size

One thing that you need to determine in order to get the right size of your marquee hire in Melbourne is the number of guests you intend to invite. When choosing a marquee, consider the other items and equipment that will be placed inside the marquee and would eat up space such as tables and its designs, the dance floor, table for food serving, dance floor, bar and drinks dispenser, among others. Always allocate extra tables and chairs for unexpected guests.

Renting a marquee

Search for a contractor that offers party supplies and materials then request for a cost estimate. Provide all the necessary information so for the company to give you an accurate quotation. Some contractors offer obligation-free site inspection to determine what your needs are and the type of marquee hire in Melbourne suited for your event. After the inspection, the contractor will send a free quote. If you are amenable with the quote,confirm your booking. The contractor will deliver and set up the marquee for your party and collect it the next day.