Tips To Create Successful Banksy Prints Project

You surely would want to accessorize your walls with classy and elegant decors. However, you would not want to spend more than you should. Wall decors and paintings are important elements in your office space or house as they can transform a dreary area into a lively, elegant one. One of the cheaper yet impressive options is to have Banksy prints from a reputable digital printing shop. You can find service providers for Banksy prints online and with a little research, you will find a good number of options for you to have. The only thing you have to do is upload an image on the shop’s website and apply the necessary changes that you want to be reflected on the canvas print. If you are not sure which type of image you are going to upload, here are some tips.

Choose an image that matches your overall design  

If you intend to make your living room a vibrant one, choose Banksy prints with lively colours and youthful design. You can also use a photo with grey, black and white hues to create an elegant atmosphere in your room. If you do not have an image in mind, you can choose from the images found at the digital printer’s website. Consult an interior designer for ideas or you might want to check on home design sites for inspiration.

Pick a suitable size

Experts say that the ideal size of wall paintings should be two-thirds to three quarters in order to achieve a balanced appearance for the entire area. The size will also make the canvas print captivating even with short distance. For a more contemporary appeal, pick a size bigger than the recommend size for your wall. If you have a small area and you want to accentuate the canvas print, choose a larger print.

Colour-coordinated image

The colour scheme of an area is an important consideration when designing Banksy prints. The hues of the image should match the overall motif and design of the area for an overall impressive appeal of the room. If your wall has light painting, choose an image with darker hue for better contrast.