Tips On Finding Hotel Accommodations That Will Match With The Budget

It is very easy to blow your hard-earned budget if you opt for an expensive hotel accommodation. But while it may seem extravagant to stay in a 4-star or 5-star hotel, you are paying for comfort and convenience including 24-hour room service, an amenity that is usually offered by luxury hotels. In order to find accommodations that will suit your budget, checkout the following tips.

  1. Research for hotels in the desired area. Access their websites and look at the amenities offered like free Wi-Fi, cable TV, free parking, etc. Some hotels promise discounts when you book directly through their website. Best rates are offered when you book months in advance of your expected date of travel.
  2. If staying in the heart of the city is not within your budget, choose a hotel in another neighbourhood. However, remember that there must be public transport available otherwise, if you take a taxi every time you want to explore the city, whatever savings you gained from choosing a different hotel will go to your fare. Even if the hotel in the city costs you a few extra dollars, if it is just minutes’ walk away from the tourist attractions, it will still be a better option.
  3. Ask the hotel whether they give discounts to seniors, to students or government employees. Don’t be embarrassed to use your benefits; it may allow you to stay in a better hotel for less expense. Negotiate directly with the hotel because it often yields a better price for a room.
  4. Use apps like HotelTonight that allows you to access quality hotel rooms for a lower price. There are also other apps for last minute deals; however, late bookings do not always work if you are travelling to a city during its peak season. You will find that all types of accommodations are already fully booked.

A brand new 4 star hotel in Sukhimvit is one of the finest accommodations for a traveller to Bangkok. It is a modern hotel, that ensures quality customer service and well-furnished accommodations with high comfort level for a very reasonable price.