Times Of India Reveals The Availability Of Spy Earpiece To Cheat During Exams

CBSE is the public examination given in India at the end of the 9th to 10th grade education or at the end of the 11th to 12th grade education. Scores in these examinations are very important because it determines whether a student can enter university or professional courses. Security is frequently tight during the examinations but a cleverly designed spy earpiece allows a student to cheat without being caught.

There is a wide range of devices that help students cheat during examinations like suits for women, vests for men, anti-jammers and the invisible Bluetooth-enabled spy earpiece. All these devices are being offered online. However, school authorities and colleges were informed that such devices exist and they are surfing the website links that have been provided by Times of India.

Actually, school authorities will not face a difficult time searching for the special websites because they are quite popular online. In one of the websites, it is stated that terminal examinations are about to start in India and those who have not prepared for the interview still have a chance to pass.

Nano technology is used in the production of the ear pieces. It helps the student retain that answers to the examination questions. Nano technology refers to building of devices on the scale of molecules or a few nanometers. The device comes in a set composed of the ear piece, inductive loop and Bluetooth or GSM that can be hidden inside the vest, watch, underpants, eyeglasses, erasers and pens. The staff at the examination site will find it difficult to detect the presence of the device.

According to the Times of India, many foreign companies are selling the spy ear piece to Indian students. A foreign company that was interviewed by TOT revealed that there are also Bluetooth-enabled spectacles that can be used for cheating.

There is a wide range of spy devices that are available from the micro spy earpiece, Bluetooth and MP3 transmitters. The spy devices work efficiently with cell phones installed with Bluetooth technology and MP3’s. Aside from allowing you to cheat in exams, the spy device can also be used for other purposes.