The Rising Demand For Luxury Villas In Dubai

According to Anton Yachmenev, the managing director of the Forum Group, demand for luxury properties in Dubai is on the rise. In fact, it is exceeding supply in the higher-price spectrums of the market. Forum Group is keen to capitalize on the high-end-one of-a-kind properties by offering developments that cater to the demand for luxury living.

Property buyers are on the lookout for modern and expertly appointed villas so that property developments must ensure that they are provided with what they want. Luxury is much more than an address; it must be an exquisite development the uses the most stringent European standards and finishes so that residents will be provided with privacy as well as unique views of beaches and skylines.

According to the most recent Dubai Real Estate Market Report for the 3rd quarter of 2016 made by global consultancy JLL, the luxury real estate sector has remained active during the first nine months of 2016 in spite of the threats of an economic downturn and slowdown in the real estate market.

If compared to other countries, Dubai’s real estate sector is still outperforming other cities. In fact, experts are predicting that there will be further growth and stronger overseas interest by 2020. Driving the growth in the real estate sector are attractive rental returns, flexibility of payment plans and industry regulations.

In Dubai, apartment rental returns are 7.6%. In London, it is 3.5%, in Hong Kong, 2.82% and in Singapore, 2.83%. Dubai’s luxury real estate is becoming a very attractive proposition for many international buyers that is why a considerable amount of resources are invested to ensure that properties will exceed the expectations of investors.

In private beachfront gated communities, you will find uniquely-designed 7-bedroom luxury villas that range from 8,000 to 13,000 square feet with a dramatic view of Dubai’s skyline.

In Thailand, there are luxury Phuket villas that are located in an enchanting evergreen wonderland that is far away from crowds. The luxury villa is positioned in the hills and surrounded by lush woodlands. It is perfect retreat from the stressful and busy life of the city.