The Four C’s Of Diamond Engagement Rings In Melbourne

You must have heard about it, but when you’re starting to search for a diamond engagement rings in Melbourne, you have to know the standards to determine the real value of this precious stone. It’s necessary to know the four Cs so that you get what you deserve, especially if it’s to be given to a special someone.


One carat is equal to 0.2g, which is partitioned into 100 points. However, small weight variances which the eye can’t detect, can make a huge difference to the stone’s value.

Weight may not be the only factor though. It also depends on the larger quality of the diamond, which may cost more than a larger one with lesser quality.


The diamond engagement rings in Melbourne come in a wide variety of cuts – such as princess square cuts, marquise pointed ovals, and brilliant round cuts, which refers to the shape of the raw diamond. Try to check samples and choose which one you prefer, or which one looks best on you or your loved one’s finger. If the diamond has a better standard of the cut and a high quality finish, you can observe the brightness and sparkle of the precious stone.


Millions of years ago, the diamond was formed through heat and pressure, making it imperfect and a foreign material just like other minerals and stones. The clarity grading of the stone tells you if it has inclusions. It also includes various grading systems such as the flawlessness and inclusive only visible through a 10x loupe. The fewer inclusions would result to a higher grading, which makes the stone more expensive.


A perfect diamond has no colour. However, it can also come in a very rare pink and fancy coloured diamonds such as canary yellow.

Diamonds can have treatments to enhance their appearance. It will include artificial colouring, removing inclusions through laser drilling and concealing cracks through fracture filling. A treated diamond is considered rare and is an inferior product to an untreated stone with the same specifications. Therefore, it becomes less valuable. It may become cheaper kinds of diamond engagement rings in Melbourne to buy.