The Five Most Used Varieties Of Blinds for Windows

Decoration of Windows is an important part in designing the interiors of a home. Designers use different accessories like curtains, screens and blinds to block the view from the window, in order to ensure privacy as well as add a distinct design element to the windows.

Proper use of blinds enhances the look of the entire room. There are different types of blinds in Durban, to suit each and every style and theme of a home. Here is a list of some of the most commonly used blinds.

  • Venetian blinds – These blinds are affordable and suit homes with a modern, contemporary theme. The Venetian blinds can also be motorised and can be operated with remote control for sophisticated look. The blinds are available in a wide range of colours and a variety of finishes to fit into the decor theme of a home.
  • Wooden blinds – They offer a warm and earthy feel to the decor. The wooden blinds provide privacy by blocking the view and efficient light control. The blinds made using natural wood from Mahogany and Birch trees give a natural feel to the home. The blinds can be motorised and operate with remote control or wall mounted switches.
  • Roller blinds – These blinds are a mix of beauty and functionality. The roller blinds are available in a variety of fabrics and designs, and are suitable for any theme. The blinds mostly have a chain system and can be set in any height to suit the lighting and privacy requirements of the user. The tightly fitted roller blinds offer high level of energy efficiency by effectively blocking the heat from entering inside.
  • Roman blinds –These blinds are made using no stitch system and offer a cool and sophisticated look to the window. The Roman blinds are made in soft foldable fabric and are available in plain colours and printed patterns. They offer good privacy in the room and can be set at the desired height to allow light into the room or to completely block it.
  • Outdoor blinds – They are most commonly used in the patios and verandas to block the sunlight and provide privacy. These blinds offer UV protection and also shield the house from wind and rain. The blinds are made from Laguna wood and offer natural insulation to keep the house cool in summers and warm in winters.

You can select one or more variety of blinds for your home. There are many suppliers of blinds in Durban, who will assist you in selecting the right type of blinds to dress your windows. They can guide you with the selection of right colour, fabric and design to suit the overall decor of your home.