The Controversial Weight Loss Program, 30 Lbs In 30 Days – Losing Weight The HCG Way

To lose weight with HCG is not new, it was a research brought about by thin pregnant women giving birth to perfectly big and healthy babies. The British doctor conducting the study, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons found out that the abundance of HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormones of the pregnant women in his study is the key factor to remaining thin without harmful effects to the unborn child they are carrying. Dr. Simeons validated with further research that HCG programs the pregnant women’s bodies to delegate stored fat to their unborn children and prioritize the fetus instead, in the event that circumstances will not allow them to properly nurture themselves. Proven to be safe since these are hormones created by pregnant women to nourish new life, Dr. Simeons gave very small doses of HCG to obese children in India. These children then dropped weight and their body transformed to normal sizes for their age.

The factors building the success to lose weight with HCG is twofold. First, the protocol of eating low-calorie diet must be strictly and faithfully followed. With this, the body uses your stored fat for daily required energy, because your body do not currently take or minimally take calories. Sugar, starch, processed foods and dairy must also be eliminated during this processed and must be replaced with the intake of organic vegetables, fruits, and lean meat. This is to ensure that you still get ample nutrients during the duration of the program. Increase water intake has also been proven to aid in any weight loss program as well as keeping the body hydrated. And for safety measures, a proper detox protocol must be incorporated into the program. Many toxins are stored in fat, therefore melting them down exposes the toxins and enters your blood stream. Detoxifying from toxins will eliminate the danger.

The body is able to store “good fat” and “adipose fats” or fats that are abnormally stored in the body. Some of the good fat protects major organs and joints, while others are evenly spread throughout the body to be burned when the body needs fuel. However, adipose fats are abnormally stored under the skin originally as spare fuel only if the body is severely malnourished. The idea to lose weight with HCG means HCG triggers the body to skip burning the good fat but use up the adipose fats for energy instead.