The Best Time To Move Your Kids To A Toddler’s Bed

There certainly is no fixed rule when you should move your child from his crib or cot and place him in a bed. That said, most children usually make the move to their own beds at around 18 months. Your kid needs to be moved out of the cot if he has mastered climbing out of the cot. There can be other reasons for moving the baby and one of these is the imminent arrival of a baby in the family.

If you have already decided that the child needs to move out of his cot to make room for the new baby, ensure that you do these six weeks before the new baby will actually arrive. The big change of moving your toddler will not be anymore a problem. Otherwise if you move your toddler only upon the arrival of the new baby, the toddler will only be stressed out. It will also help prevent the toddler from feeling that he has been pushed away because of the new baby. As an alternative, you can have the baby first and then make a big change. Place the baby for the first 4 months in a Moses basket next to the master’s bed. And then you can make the next move of getting your toddler out of the cot and placing the new baby in it. The toddler then moves to a bigger bed.

Keep in mind though that as soon as your child moves in the bigger bed, he can easily get out of bed whenever he wants to. So before you move your toddler out, ensure that you check first the safety aspects of everything that the toddler might have access to if he climbs out of the bed. If you are training your child to go to the toilet alone, you may want him already to sleep in a bed since he needs to get up and go to the bathroom.

Many child psychologists will suggest though that it is best to wait as long as possible before you move your toddler to a much bigger bed. There really is no pressure in moving the toddler out. There are plenty of kids beds to choose from and what is more important is that the child is ready to move out.