The Best Time To Book A Carpenter, Roofer, Plasterers And More

Here is the best time to call help for non-emergency work that needs to be done in a home without the need for a contractor.



David Elman from Baker-Elman Plumbing Co. located in Newton Centre says that the best times are in early fall, spring and summer for replacement of heating boilers. He hates it when work is done during December when he shuts off the heat in homes. He also adds that a month in advance is better so more time is given to them.


HVAC Contractor

Dennis Frazier from Cooling Unlimited Inc. located in Reading says that the best months for air-conditioning are in March, April and May. For heating, it is in August and September. He also recommends to call two months in advance.



DS Brody & Associates’ Dominique Weyl recommends getting in their books in winter for spring.



Arborway Tree Care’s Bob Kelley says that spring to early fall is the greatest time to put in some new plants. Fall to winter is also the greatest time to prune those shade trees so as not to damage houses according to him. He recommends to call 4 to 6 weeks in advance to the season for whatever work is needed.



Romi Cotta from Bright Corp. Fine Painters says that during winter prices are lower. In addition, indoor heat will help the wallpaper to dry better. It is recommended to call a month prior.



The Franklin-based Tom Brady Carpentry recommends to call 3 months prior. This job works any time during the year but when roofing is included, spring or fall is the best time to avoid the summer heat. For kitchens and bathrooms, 3 to 6 months prior is suggested.



The summer season is busy for most contractors. To get in the books for the summer, it is best to call during March or earlier.



This can be done any time of the year. However, Mike Forrest from Great Island Plastering Inc. says it is difficult when it is 90 degrees. Fall is the best time to do plastering. He recommends to call 4 to 6 weeks in advance for any help from either a local company or from Plasterers in Sydney.