Star Wars As An Inspiration For Art Posters

Steve Thomas is an artist whose art is inspired by flavours from the 1930’s and 1940’s with a modern twist. He has just released his newest series of “Star Wars” theme graphic art posters in time for the 40th anniversary of the iconic film. Star Wars was an American film series that was created by George Lucas. The film showed different adventures on a galaxy that was far away and became a global phenomenon.

According to Thomas, he is inspired by what he sees from old vintage signs, old sodas and pulp fiction magazines that were released during the 50’s. Even magazine covers inspire Thomas in the creation of his art projects. In fact, he wanted to do some travel posters for places like Stillwater, Bemidji and Duluth in Minnesota.

His art projects featured places from Jupiter to Mars and America’s greatest national parks to the far galaxy of the Jedi and the guardians of peace to the dark side of the force of evil. That was nearly a decade ago because in addition to his Star Wars art projects, he is now into pop culture favourites like Disney and 20th Century Fox.

Steve Tomas was originally from Canada before he and his wife moved to Forest Lake which was closer to his wife’s place of work. Meanwhile, Thomas created informational graphics for Pioneer Press. Thomas started drawing when he was a kid. He grew up in an environment when everyone was either drawing or painting. Even if Thomas studied physical therapy at Ohio University, his passion was focused to art and graphics.

The first art series that Thomas created was about planetary travel. He wanted to take his planetary posters further and he founded Acme Archives and got a license to print and sell Star Wars art. Sci-fi feeds his creativity in designing his artworks.

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