South American Holidays For Every Season

Spring in Venezuela

Venezuela is a tropical country and has temperatures in the mid-20s Celsius. Arrival time matters little here but May and June are the best times when rains at night build up the Angel Falls’ water flow. Seeing the iconic falls dropping to 2,648 feet is a definite highlight.

Caracas, the country’s capital, which is set almost near the Caribbean if not for its Cordillera de la Costa range is a great prospect too. There are numerous beaches in its 1,740 miles of coast.

The Gran Sabana region located in the south-east is just beautiful. It has the lesser known Kama and Jaspé Falls. It also has a landscape of dense tropical forests.

Summer in Bolivia

This is a country in South America where there is no near ocean. It is surrounded by Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. It is an Andean coxcomb even when only one third is mountainous. It is also defined by a high plateau where Lake Titicaca is receding west to Peru and La Paz is preening at 11,975 feet. The capital city is an early starter which was founded in 1548. The past is noted in the Museo Nacional de Arqueologia.

September is the best time to visit since it is the end of winter and also the dry season. This time is good for those who want to trek. Travellers can also go to Salar de Uyuni located in the south-west for salt flats spreading 4,086 square miles.

Autumn in Argentina

Argentina is popular during the festive season with temperatures around the 20s Celsius during December. There are galleries in the Puerto Madero district, steak eateries in San Telmo and chi-chi bars in Palermo. December is also the time to head to Patagonia’s Parque Nacional Los Glaciares where 47 glaciers inch from the bedrock.

Winter in Uruguay

This is the 2nd smallest country in South America after Surinam. It is best visited during December and January. It is defined by its coastline of 410 miles. This is also where Colonia del Sacramento is found. Urban sunbathing is popular in its capital Montevideo. In the east, Punta del Este has beautiful beaches, wooden homes and boutique hotels.


South America is truly a top destination and a continent full of countries anyone can go to regardless of season. South America Tours can help anyone who wishes to explore this part of the world.