Soft Toy Chemo Duck Helps Young Kids Fight Their Battle Against Cancer

This article was written by the guys at Brony Costumes. Apparently, a soft toy has been developed and released to help out young patients in their battle against cancer. Chemo Duck, a yellow and blue soft toy duck that comes with its very own line coming out of its chest, has been making waves as it helps and inspires young children in their fight against cancer.

Cancer is truly a horrific disease and a person’s journey through it is often hope-exhausting. Now imagine a child going through the process. Gut-wrenching isn’t it? But thankfully, there are those who wish to help out young cancer patients and ease their battle if not only for a little.

Mum of a two-year old cancer patient, Susan Brown, said that the soft toy had definitely ignited a change in his son, Ceejay, who is battling Leukemia. She says that Ceejay never lets go of Chemo Duck and that the toy even joins in during chemotherapy sessions. She believes that in her son’s eyes, the soft toy is undergoing chemo too.

Ceejay was first diagnosed with cancer last September and doctors had first thought that he had a virus. After blood tests were conducted in Cavan General Hospital, he was immediately diagnosed with Leukemia and transferred to Crumlin in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital.

Ceejay’s dad, Marcus Brown, said that with the soft toy, his son is now able to speak and act out on his own fears but during his first hospital experience, the young cancer patient was traumatized and that he would always scream, cry and get very upset. Ever since he got the toy, he has become a totally different child.

The toy was brought to Ireland by Aoibheann’s Pink Tie (APT), a children’s cancer charity group and Ceejay was among the first children who was able to receive Chemo Duck.

Alan Keane of APT describes the toy as a teaching tool and companion for children who are undergoing treatment for cancer.

He has worked with many different teenagers in APT’s youth committee so that they would be able to bring the toy to Ireland from America.

Chemo Duck also comes with two books, a CD and an app.