Shopify Making Ecommerce Better For Everyone

Shopify is Canada’s leading tech company that belongs to the exclusive unicorn club of startup companies that are worth $1 billion based on their estimated sales and potential for growth. The singularity of purpose is very apparent in everything that the Ottawa-based online store builder does. In addition to the “buy” buttons on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter, the latest feat of Shopify is customized log-in greetings.

The “buy” button appears to be a simple victory but is has been successful in carrying out its mission to transform every corner of the internet into a market place for stores that have been built using Shopify’s storefront designs and made use of its suite of metrics, marketing, inventory, shipping and payment tools.

Shopify has really carried out its mission to make commerce better for everyone by ensuring that it is the network that will underlay all those interactions. Like most noteworthy tech companies, Shopify has wedged itself between unappealing and low-end web design software and companies that charge a fortune for custom built websites. Through Shopify online stores can be built during lunch breaks or after work is over.

Shopify solutions are making ecommerce easier for customers. It has developed a code that eliminates the need for customers to choose a type of credit card when filling out the forms for payment. Terms of service agreement has been translated from legalese to English. Shopify is also solving challenges for its partners. It recently joined Amazon to provide tools and services to small businesses in the online marketplace. It has helped Uber in making same-day delivery in three American cities.

Mobile is current focus of Shopify but it also consistently looking at future trends. It is weighing on the importance of Bitcoin and shipping drones so that can start to build software that will take the lead from the competition. Shopify believes in the potential market of 10 million customers in 150 countries where it operates.

How to create an online store is similar to cooking a dinner. You have the choice to do it on your own and spend a lot of money, time and efforts or you can hire an experienced chef that uses only high quality ingredients.