Seafolly Set To Dominate Bikini Brands In Australia

Regardless of their age, majority of the women in the world right now are really fond of wearing those sexy bikinis. In today’s generation, the one living in the Digital Age, it’s becoming more acceptable for majority of the human population to see women of appropriate ages to wear sexy bikinis especially when they are on the beach. To begin with, bikinis are very small and thin-layered bathing suits that are can show almost all of a woman’s nakedness. But despite that, more and more women, especially in the younger generations are getting eager to wear the newest released bathing suits, whether it’s a one-piece or a two-piece bikini. In fact, most women really don’t if men stare at them while they are swimming on the beach, wearing those sexy bikinis precisely because of the mere fact that according to scientific studies, wearing bikinis give women, especially matured ones, the opportunity to further their sense of attractiveness and control. And that explains why tons of bikini brands in Australia and in other countries in the world continue to be popular among women.


Last April of 2017, it was reported that Seafolly, one of the widely-recognized and leading bikini brands in Australia is set to take sole dominance of the industry after successfully purchasing the label Maaji, a beachwear label primarily popular in South America. In totality, the two brands of swimwear are making more than 200 million Dollars’ worth of body-hugging swimwear on a yearly basis and with the recent purchase done by Seafolly, the two brands are expected to become one bikini behemoth. According to the people at Seafolly who made this big purchase a reality, their goal is to create a multi-brand swimwear company, similar to some of the globally-recognized cosmetics retailers. Seafolly officials also want more than the triple conglomerate’s annual sales of 200 million Dollars to 660 million Dollars during the next 5 years. During the said period, Seafolly intends to open 150 Seafolly and Maaji retail stores worldwide. As of now, Seafolly holds 20 to 30% of the market share in Australia which means if you go to Bondi Beach in Sydney, almost every third women is wearing Seafolly swimsuit.