Recommended Touchscreen Winter Gloves

Nothing is more comfortable and warm than wearing NZ sheepskins during a cold winter day but we also recognize that people nowadays go around using their smartphones. This is why they tend to choose sheepskin gloves that are suitable for touchscreen devices so they don’t have to take them of when they needed to use their gadgets. Gloves are an important part of a winter outfit along with long johns, beanies, and fleece jackets. There are now various tech-friendly gloves from brands such as Ralph Lauren, The North Face, Timberland, Patagonia and L.L. Bean.

The eTip gloves from The North Face are made of stretch flee and boasts of having conductivity feature on the entire palm which is suitable when using touchscreen devices. The hands will not only stay warm but you can use all of your fingers unlike other gloves that are limited to either one or two. This can be purchased for $45.

If your budget is limited, you can opt for the touchscreen gloves made by Agloves Polar Sport which is not only affordable but also effective because it has the capacity for touchscreen use all over. Aside from the combination of materials used in making the gloves, silver yarn is added to make sure the heat remains inside keeping the wearer warm. This is available for only $19.99.

For those who need grip while using gloves, they need the Moshi Digits tech-friendly gloves because it has rubberized grips found at the palms and fingers. This is to make sure that your smartphone will not slip while you are using them to send an important text message. This touchscreen gloves retail for $37.93.

Nothing beats the classic but it is even better if it has a touchscreen capacity. This is what is promised by the rugby-strip wool tech gloves made by Ralph Lauren. The pattern is in red and blue and the cuff shows off the iconic pony logo of the brand. It is sold for $48.

While these brands are good, if you are looking for a warm and coziness alone during the winter, it is still recommended to pick out winter items made of NZ sheepskins such as slippers, gloves and boots.