Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Jewelry

The Queen is obviously known to have a lot of jewelry in her own possession but she confesses that one pair of pearl earrings are her favorite. These pearl earrings are giver to the Queen by her beloved grandmother. It was in the year 1947 when her grandmother gifted her pearl earrings and she has been wearing them ever since. As they reach a certain age in life, it is a common sight to spot Englishwomen that are wearing pearls because this is the one jewelry they are at ease with. Her Majesty is also sure that the jewelry she is wearing will make her outfit standout rather than dominate it.

The said pearl earrings have diamond for studs and the pearls are as round as a button. The piece of jewelry remains to be glorious when she last wore them at the Cardiff University along with a pretty mint green coat and hat. It seems like the jewelry hasn’t aged a day judging by the photos of her wearing them more than 5 decades ago. It was when she went to pay a visit to the Isle of Wight wearing her coral coat during the year 1965.

The pearl earrings where given to Her Majesty by her grandmother, Queen Mary, to serve as a wedding gift in 1947. The button pearls are revealed to be included in the center of the personal jewelry collection of the Queen. It has been with her in her many travels from the country of New Zealand to Seychelles, as well as Nairobi up to Mexico.

It is considered to be the most versatile among the entire jewelry collection of the Queen since he pearls can go along with just any surroundings. She has worn them while sporting a turban during an introduction to the foreign monarchs in other remote parts of the world. She has also sported them together with a hard hat during her site visits. Though she is known to have other earrings, brooches and elegant monogram gifts in her possession, it has always been evident that she loves her pearls.