Program Helps Women Use Power Tools In Order To Build Mobile Houses

If you are from Queens, New York, it is the perfect time to bring out the power tools inside your garage. A team of women will start their project soon which aims to build a small mobile house. According to organizers, the main objective of the art project is to empower women through learning how to utilize power tools into building something.

The project was the idea of a resident from Forest Hills, Yvonne Shortt who is also the founder of Rego Park Green Alliance which is a nonprofit organization that promotes programs that are designed for the entire community.

Short said that the goal of the project is to create a wooden house that measures only 140 square foot. The same house will later on be integrated into a trailer and will serve as a creative studio. This will also serve as the organizations space where they can talk about important issues that the women of New York are facing including the issue of income inequality as well as the very high cost of living in the city.

Shortt also revealed that the program aims to empower women like herself by improving their self-confidence through learning how to use tools. This will also help the organization build and expand their current network.

The participating women in the program will, first and foremost, learn how to operate different types of tools such as saws and drills. They will also be taught the necessary skills needed to build a house including the skill of plumbing.

The group is now trying to raise funds while on the process of designing the house. It is estimated to cost them $15,000 to complete building. The project construction will be based in Knockdown Center located in Maspeth before the month of May ends. Shortt expects that it will take them around five weeks to finish the project.

After completion, the house will be travelling all over the city starting in August until the month of September. If you want to start a similar program in Australia, you can get power tools at several sites online like