Privacy Window Films For Vehicles – Is It Legal Or Not?

Residential and commercial spaces are installing privacy window film in Sydney on their shop fronts, office partitions, board rooms, entry doors and hallways to create privacy without totally blocking natural light. Privacy films are a better alternative to window blinds, drapes and curtains particularly on front doors, shower screens and sidelight panels.

Meanwhile, vehicle owners who desire privacy make use of privacy films that are applied on the side and rear windows. Motorists in Turkey welcomed the decision of the nation’s Science, Industry and Technology Ministry that lifted the 2-decade ban on the use of tinted car windows. Upon hearing the good news, Osman Ozen immediately rushed to a car shop to have a dark film installed on his BMW 520i for his mother who does not want to be subjected to harassment when she rides the car.

However, the same Ministry that lifted the ban is now announcing that the ban is still enforced because the police have complained that tinted windows pose a serious security threat. Because Mr. Ozen was afraid of being cited for a violation, he returned the car shop and paid 150 Turkish lira to have the privacy tint removed. The penalty for illegal tinted windows was 427 Turkish lira. It was certainly a waste of time and money because the privacy tint cost him 300 Turkish lira.

The disappointment of thousands of Turkish car owners who have had their windows tinted during the yearlong ban eclipse reached President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who ordered the lawmakers to have the rule fixed. The government is working on issuing an entirely revised rule to clarify whether tinted car windows will be allowed or outlawed.

According to motorists, privacy films are not only for aesthetics because it keeps the interior’s cool. The film blocks at least 70% of sunlight.

Meanwhile, there is no ban on privacy window film in Sydney that is installed on homes, buildings and commercial spaces. In fact, it is encouraged because the privacy film can cut down heat and glares by 80% and creates the much needed privacy in offices. Solar window films with 99% UV protection will block harmful UV rays from home furnishings and store displays.