Prince Edward Island Facing Mice Control Problem

According to the pest control companies that are in the island, they are having a very busy fall season because of the current mouse infestation that has affected all over the Prince Edward Island.

According to the owner of Sharpline Pest Control located in York, Louis O’Brien, the number of calls they have received has doubled in comparison to the same period last year.

O’Brien shared that he received a few calls wherein the callers are frantic with the situation and they are overwhelmed with the mice infestation.

O’Brien also added that pest control companies coming from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are also expressing the same when it comes to the level of infestation which is higher than usual and more mice are found in every home.

Robert Gallant who owns the Atlantic Graduate Pest Management located in Charlottetown, the number of calls he is receiving has also increased in number more than usual. He shared that the people who are calling are not just comprised of his regular customers but there are a lot of new clients as well. He added that these new clients are calling and complaining that they have never had rodent problems before and they are surprised to be dealing with this infestation.

Gallant said that the population of rats is also increasing in number most especially in rural places or in areas where people are prone to composting in their respective yards.

O’Brien and Gallant are in agreement that the mild winter last year could be the reason why there is a mouse infestation now.

According to Garry Gregory who is a biologist in the Fish and Wildlife Division of the province, it is not possible to know the concrete reason why there is an increase in the number of rodents in the islands but he admitted that the mild weather conditions could be one of the culprits on the increase of mouse populations.

Gregory said that a mild winter will give a higher chance of survival for these pests. If you are dealing with mouse problems in Australia, contact your local Pest Control in Sydney.