Preventive Maintenance According To Seasons Of The Year

Building maintenance must always a follow a schedule according to the seasons of the year that represent different challenges. There are certain times of the year, when it makes sense to perform building maintenance projects like boiler maintenance and repairs, weatherizing, winterizing of the gardens and landscape, cleaning, repainting, pruning and switching off the heating machinery.

While most of the building maintenance projects are pretty straightforward and can be economically and effectively done by in-house staff, building managers must know when they need to hire professionals to do the job. For example, when it comes to boiler inspection, maintenance and repair, it makes sense to hire a heating engineer who is accredited for the job.

Maintaining the landscape is also a delicate and complex job because it involves decade-old trees and extensive flowerbeds and shrubs. A member of the staff might not have any clue on what must be done. When trees are neglected a great deal of money and efforts are required to rehabilitate them. The right professionals must support in-house staff for seasonal landscape maintenance.

Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year because the leaves change color and the weather is not too cold. Fall is also the most appropriate time of the year to schedule boiler maintenance to ensure that it does not malfunction or breakdown during the coming winter. A boiler breakdown on the coldest day of the year, during Christmas or New Year will be very expensive.

One of the challenges during fall is leaf removal from the ground. An overwhelming amount of leaves must be hauled off. However, dead leaves are good organic materials that basically insulate everything during winter. If you want a fall cleanup, just remove the leaves from the plants and from the ground and blow them towards your flowerbeds. Use them as nature intended.

If you want to stay warm and comfortable during winter, make sure that preventive maintenance is performed on the boiler through Some boilers can be cleaned better when turned off. Before the start of the winter season, the heating elements, pilot lights, burners, flue and chimney vents must be thoroughly inspected and cleaned.