Parade Of Ferraris In Horsham

The United Kingdom is a nation that has been consistently producing cars since the 1890’s which makes it only fitting for it to be the venue of many world events that celebrate the life and successes of automobiles. The Festival of Speed and Revival meetings at Goodwood are testament to the fact that the Brits have a serious love affair with cars. It is also worth mentioning CarFest gatherings run by TopGear’s Chris Evans.

Another event that is worth more than attention and admiration is the annual Ferrari rally in the southern town of Horsham. This is the largest Ferrari rally of its kind anywhere in the UK. Are you wondering why a quintessentially British town located in the middle of an English countryside will have an Italian-themed festival like the Ferrari rally? Horsham is one of the finest places to live in West Sussex with many events going on. A gathering of Maranello’s finest in Horsham is an impressive achievement particularly with the parade of Ferraris.

There was a record breaking Ferrari parade that was held in Silverstone last 2012 but it was only a onetime event with no plans of being repeated. On the other hand, Piazza Italia celebrations are annual events that look people look forward too because it regularly features 100 Ferrari models in the town center. All the proceeds generated from the event goes to charitable institutions.

A car aficionado certainly expects impressive cars to be displayed considering that the event is partly organized by Ferrari Owners Club UK. At least 2 Ferrari 488 GTB’s made their way to the Horsham town center including 512 BBs, 599 GTBs and 458 Speciales. The overflowing crowd was also delighted with hordes of 430s, 360s and 355s on display as well as the incredibly special F40s, 250 LussoGTO and 250 GT SWB. The 250 GTSWB was recently sold at auction for more than $10 million.

The event was certainly organized to showcase Ferrari 488 Italia and its extremely sculptural flanks that bring it a lot of character. Next year, another parade of Ferraris will thrill the crowd in Horsham.