The Many Reasons Why You Should Use Bitcoin

The Many Reasons Why You Should Use BitcoinNY – July 9, 2016 – Mainstream media has deemed Bitcoin dead countless of times but statistics prove otherwise. Ever since it’s conception back in 2009, it has quickly grown into a strong currency. In fact, five years ago, the Bitcoin would’ve valued only at a few cents but now, one bitcoin is worth $657. Yes, Bitcoin is still in its early stages and had just recently hit mainstream but nevertheless, it has proven very convenient which is why a lot of people now are using Bitcoin.

If you aren’t familiar with Bitcoin, here are some reasons why you should be.

  1. Bitcoin is fast. One of the many reasons why Bitcoin is so appealing is that it is fast. Bank transactions or even international wire transfers can often take days to get processed. Bitcoin transactions can only take around 10 minutes to process and in zero confirmation transactions, it is instant.
  2. Bitcoin is cheaper. It should be noted that bank or ATM transactions can be instantaneous too but they could cost much more than usual. But with Bitcoin transaction fees, if any, are minimal. Sometimes they can also be free.
  3. Bitcoin is decentralized. Decentralization means that the currency isn’t controlled by any financial institution such as the banks or the government. Instead, Bitcoin is controlled by algorithms which give you much freedom with it. One of the best benefits coming from this is that you own everything in it and no one can take it away from you.
  4. Bitcoin is not subject to inflation. With centralized currencies or the so-called fiat currencies, because they are controlled by the government, they can always print more money especially when there isn’t enough money to pay for the national debt. Doing this often results in inflation which also reduces the purchasing power of the people. But with Bitcoin, there is a set limit as to how much bitcoins should be in circulation. Bitcoin would not exceed more than 21 million which means it is not likely to experience inflation. Deflation is more likely to happen with Bitcoin, where prices of services and goods fall.

If you’re interested in learning more about Bitcoin, there are lots of communities online like We Use Coins that help people get acquainted with Bitcoin.

Queen Elizabeth’s Favorite Jewelry

The Queen is obviously known to have a lot of jewelry in her own possession but she confesses that one pair of pearl earrings are her favorite. These pearl earrings are giver to the Queen by her beloved grandmother. It was in the year 1947 when her grandmother gifted her pearl earrings and she has been wearing them ever since. As they reach a certain age in life, it is a common sight to spot Englishwomen that are wearing pearls because this is the one jewelry they are at ease with. Her Majesty is also sure that the jewelry she is wearing will make her outfit standout rather than dominate it.

The said pearl earrings have diamond for studs and the pearls are as round as a button. The piece of jewelry remains to be glorious when she last wore them at the Cardiff University along with a pretty mint green coat and hat. It seems like the jewelry hasn’t aged a day judging by the photos of her wearing them more than 5 decades ago. It was when she went to pay a visit to the Isle of Wight wearing her coral coat during the year 1965.

The pearl earrings where given to Her Majesty by her grandmother, Queen Mary, to serve as a wedding gift in 1947. The button pearls are revealed to be included in the center of the personal jewelry collection of the Queen. It has been with her in her many travels from the country of New Zealand to Seychelles, as well as Nairobi up to Mexico.

It is considered to be the most versatile among the entire jewelry collection of the Queen since he pearls can go along with just any surroundings. She has worn them while sporting a turban during an introduction to the foreign monarchs in other remote parts of the world. She has also sported them together with a hard hat during her site visits. Though she is known to have other earrings, brooches and elegant monogram gifts in her possession, it has always been evident that she loves her pearls.

Emphasis In Quality Plumbing Products Highlighted By The PMI Delegation

There is emphasis given by the member executives of the PMI or Plumbing Manufacturers International regarding the importance of plumbing products that are water efficient. Another topic discussed was the diligent work done by all member companies of PMI in order to make sure that they are supplying plumbing products that conforms to the new state codes. These are all discussed during meetings along with the state leaders that were held in Sacramento. The delegation put emphasis as well on the importance of managing possible risks by ensuring that the drinking water is safe and sustainable. This is due to the known controversies that water issues are now facing such as Michigan, Flint and many other places.

The PMI also met with the CEC or California Energy Commission’s executive staff and their state senators, assembly members as well as legislative staff. Here is a list of the executives who were with PMI:

  • Jay Burnett is Delta Faucet Co.’s Vice President.
  • Lee Clifton is the Director of PMG Resources. He is also in charge in ICC or International Code Council as well as Government Relations.
  • Fernando Fernandez is the Director of Codes and Standards and TOTO USA. He is the Immediate President of the 2016 PMI Board of Directors.
  • Ray Fisher is the head of the Fisher Manufacturing Company.
  • Scott McDonald is FluidMaster Inc.’s Vice President.
  • Jacqueline Moore is involved in ICC as the legal counsel.
  • Paul Patton is the Senior Manager in R&D and Regulatory Research and Development of Delta Faucet Co. and is also the Board President of 2016 PMI.
  • Joel Smith is the director of the New Product Engineering, Kohler Co. and the Advocacy or Government Affairs Committee Co-chair of 2016 PMI.

Aside from those on the list, they were also joined by the CEO or Executive Director of PMI, Barbara C. Higgerns and the Consultant of the California Government Affairs, Jerry Desmond, who is also involbed in Desmond & Desmond LLC. In order to have safe and sustainable plumbing products, contact

What Your Kids Can Get In A Yoga Class

Parents always want what’s best for their kids. They go to great lengths just to make sure that their kids receive quality education, quality health care, a good and nourishing environment as well as enrolling them in all sorts of lessons just so that they could foster the talents they are blessed with.

Now if you have a kid of your own, you probably understand how it can be quite hard to protect and nourish them when there are so many temptations, distractions and overstimulation which could definitely affect a child. Add peer pressure to that and your kid is definitely in for a lot of challenges. But there is a way for you to help your child overcome those challenges.

Yoga can give so many benefits to kids. It is low cost and could have a positive impact on your child. If you want to learn more about how yoga can help your kids, then here are some of the things that your kids can get from yoga.

  1. First of all, through breath awareness and exercise, your child would become more energized and could also help encourage relaxation when needed. Through breath awareness, your kid will become more focused, relaxed, and is less likely to get stressed.
  2. Yoga also builds your kids’ strength. But most kids don’t realize this and only think that yoga is only about stretching. But when you take your child to a reputable studio like Freedom Yoga, then the instructors there would help you explain to your child how yoga can also build strength. Your child’s body will become much better as digestion is enhanced along with coordination and focus. Muscles will become stronger and the body more flexible. Your child would be able to support weight and with flexibility, will move quicker.
  3. Through yoga, your child will learn all about meditation and doing so would ultimately increase his/her focus and awareness. Yoga will teach your child how to be patient and would ultimately improve his character.

Yoga offers numerous benefits not only to your child but to you as well. You’d be able to breathe easier knowing that your kid is being productive and doing something positive.

7 Reasons Why: Teaching English Abroad

TEFL teaching isn’t just a golden ticket to find employment abroad or to fund travels. No, TEFL, or teaching English as a foreign language, is definitely more than that. For some people, TEFL is a road to self-discovery and for others it is their way of giving back and making an impact on someone’s life. Either way, TEFL presents numerous opportunities and benefits that you may not want to miss out on. Here are 7 reasons why you should definitely teach English abroad.

  1. Employment Opportunities. Yes, if you had taken a 4-week training on TEFL, the certification would provide you numerous employment opportunities all around the globe. Right now, there is so much hunger for the English language in many parts of the world. TEFL teachers are highly in demand and with a TEFL certification you’re bound to find work even in the most difficult of economic situations.
  2. A Matter of Choice. You should know that if you’re an English teacher, you can basically work in any part of the world you like for as much as your certification allows you. You are given the freedom of choice to choose where you want to spend your days indulging and teaching. In fact, becoming an English teacher is one of the easiest ways to live abroad.
  3. Constant Learning. When you become a TEFL teacher, every day brings in new lessons not only for your students but for yourself as well. You would be able to learn their culture, their experiences and even their language which could prove advantageous in the long run.
  4. New Language. When you go teaching English in Thailand or any other country abroad, you will also be able to learn their language which adds considerable appeal to your CV.
  5. Making a Difference. Through TEFL, you would be able to make a difference when you teach English to non-speakers. What’s great about this is that you’d also be seeing their improvement and the impact you are making as you progress.
  6. New Friendships. Part of the TEFL experience is meeting new people, making new friends and building lasting relationships.
  7. With TEFL, you can use your own unique approach to teaching the English language. You get enough freedom to create your own lessons or remodel a new one from their textbook or curriculum.

Illustrated Map As The Clue To An Area’s Culture And History

Similar to great works in literature, an adventure can start from Illustrated Maps that include clues to the area’s natural beauty and cultural resources. In order to create an illustrated map, there must be a unique individual who has the talent for creativity but also a gifted cartographer and proficient researcher. Kenneth Czarnomski from Haywood County is an architect by profession but his passion for the outdoors was translated into careers as an educator, naturalist, artist and now a map illustrator.

Czarnomski and his wife Donna travelled recently to Ireland and discovered the unique way through which the locals introduce their culture to visitors. The Irish have invested on producing beautiful illustrated maps that goes beyond providing directions; it introduces visitors to sites with cultural and historical significance. Czarnomski was surprised why such maps were not used in the United States particularly since they can be efficiently used for exploring. An idea came to him; he can do an illustrated map for Haywood County.

Czarnomski took his idea to Lynn Collins, the executive director of Haywood County Tourism Development Authority. He was surprised because the director was interested in collaborating for the project. Lynn agreed to sponsor the map as long as it meets the requirements of nationalist certification final project. An agreement was made for the first run of 200 maps.

The first illustrated map was a beautiful detailed piece of Purchase Knob that showed its trees, flowers, log cabins and other things that can be seen on the trail. The original run of 200 maps quickly run out and required additional printing because it became quite popular among the locals and tourists. People buy the illustrated map to use for the day hike after which it is framed as souvenir.

The reaction to the Illustrated Maps was really amazing particularly since the locals started to discover new things that would not be possible without the maps. In addition to the Illustrated Maps of Purchase Knob, a similar map was made for Sam Knob in the Pisgah Forest. The third map for Plott-Balsam area is currently in progress. The maps can take years to produce because it requires a lot of research and hiking into the area.

Parade Of Ferraris In Horsham

The United Kingdom is a nation that has been consistently producing cars since the 1890’s which makes it only fitting for it to be the venue of many world events that celebrate the life and successes of automobiles. The Festival of Speed and Revival meetings at Goodwood are testament to the fact that the Brits have a serious love affair with cars. It is also worth mentioning CarFest gatherings run by TopGear’s Chris Evans.

Another event that is worth more than attention and admiration is the annual Ferrari rally in the southern town of Horsham. This is the largest Ferrari rally of its kind anywhere in the UK. Are you wondering why a quintessentially British town located in the middle of an English countryside will have an Italian-themed festival like the Ferrari rally? Horsham is one of the finest places to live in West Sussex with many events going on. A gathering of Maranello’s finest in Horsham is an impressive achievement particularly with the parade of Ferraris.

There was a record breaking Ferrari parade that was held in Silverstone last 2012 but it was only a onetime event with no plans of being repeated. On the other hand, Piazza Italia celebrations are annual events that look people look forward too because it regularly features 100 Ferrari models in the town center. All the proceeds generated from the event goes to charitable institutions.

A car aficionado certainly expects impressive cars to be displayed considering that the event is partly organized by Ferrari Owners Club UK. At least 2 Ferrari 488 GTB’s made their way to the Horsham town center including 512 BBs, 599 GTBs and 458 Speciales. The overflowing crowd was also delighted with hordes of 430s, 360s and 355s on display as well as the incredibly special F40s, 250 LussoGTO and 250 GT SWB. The 250 GTSWB was recently sold at auction for more than $10 million.

The event was certainly organized to showcase Ferrari 488 Italia and its extremely sculptural flanks that bring it a lot of character. Next year, another parade of Ferraris will thrill the crowd in Horsham.