Why San Antonio Car Owners Have To Pay For Higher Auto Insurance Rates

The Zebra claims to be the largest comparison site for auto insurance. The website released its findings after a massive national study to locate the places in San Antonio where people spend the most in auto insurance. The study took into account pricing data for the last 5 years including the tens of thousands of premiums that were affected by variables like age and gender. According to the findings, San Antonio car owners have to pay more for auto insurance due to factors like inclement weather, significant increase in population and uninsured drivers.

In San Antonio, auto insurance rates have increased by 41.4% over the last 5 years. The increase is far higher than the national increase of 11% over the 2011 rates. According to the Zebra study, 78237 Zip Code that includes Westlawn, Edgewood and certain parts of Memorial Heights is paying the highest insurance rate at $1,934 annually. The least insurance rate of $1,606 annually in the region is being paid by car owners in Kingsbury, an area northwest of San Antonio.

If you will compare the areas in Texas where auto insurance rates are highest, it is not actually San Antonio that is the most expensive Texas City to insure your car but Houston and Dallas at $1,906 and $1,791 respectively. San Antonio occupies the third rank at $1,783. The average state rate is $1,783.

What are the reasons for the local increase in insurance rates in Texas? In the last few years, Texas has experienced severe and damaging weather which has led to billions of dollars in property claims. Population has increased in the metropolitan areas which mean that more and more people will be filing for claims when they experience damaging events.

Because of the increase in auto insurance rates, some car owners are opting out of coverage. This puts insurance companies to more risks because they still have to pay for damage if your car is hit by an uninsured driver.

It is a legal requirement in Thailand to have compulsory Car Insurance (ประกันภัยรถยนต์) that will cover bodily injury and property damages. It is strongly suggested to use comparison sites to get at least 3 quotes before you make an informed decision.

Indian Motorcycle Adding Infotainment Systems To Motorcycles

Although cars have better comforts compared to motorcycles, this gap is slowly closing in. Air conditioning is, of course, still impossible but motorcycle manufacturers in America are finally bringing the infotainment systems to these 2 wheel transportation. Indian Motorcycle which was founded in 1901 and is the first motorcycle company in the United States has created an innovation in motorcycles through the infotainment systems.

The Breakthrough from Indian Motorcycle

The 2017 models of the Chieftain and the Roadmaster from Indian Motorcycle come with the Ride Command. The Ride Command is an infotainment system integrating navigation, bluetooth connectivity, premium radio and audio, and vehicle data.

Entertainment features

Indian Motorcycle’s 7-inch and 800×480 touch screen is the largest one that is currently available in the market. It is beating Harley Davidson’s 6.5-inch touchscreen. Indian’s display also supports two-finger touch input, while Harley Davidson’s display only supports single-touch. In addition, Ride Command’s touch screen is glove-compatible. It also supports pinch gestures like zooming in and out on a map. The riders are also able to interact with the motorcycle’s infotainment system by using handlebar-mounted control features. This is especially helpful during times when riders are not allowed to take their hands off the handlebars.

Ride Command also has both wireless and wired connectivity options. Riders are able to load songs using the USB drive and play them from its 200-watt audio system on the Roadmaster or its 100-watt audio system on the Chieftain. Songs can also come over the air from its FM/AM/weather band tuners. Additionally, riders using audio systems from their helmets, like those from Sena Technologies, can play the sound via bluetooth wirelessly which a representative from Indian Motorcycle confirmed.

Information features

Aside from the interesting features offered in terms of entertainment, information about safety and maintenance are also offered by the Ride Command. It can display information like fuel economy, fuel range, tire pressure, miles left before oil change, heading and altitude.


With the innovation in infotainment systems and Motorcycle parts, it is only a matter of time before motorcycles become the leading transportation choice among people from all over the world.

Where Money Should Be Spent When Renovating

New Zealanders are renovating their houses as a result of the busy real estate and housing markets.

According to Andrew Murphy from Massey University, renovation is a way for people to cut the price difference between their current house and the next one on the real estate market.

For renovation projects, there are different costs that come with the value.

Installing a swimming pool is a better choice for warmer places in the country that have outdoor spaces. This project needs to be approached with caution according to Daniel Coulson from Bayleys. He adds how a swimming pool puts off prospective buyers because priority is different for every family. The cost for this project usually start from $50,000 depending on the pool’s accessibility, size and the landscape work to be done.

Some houses are more valuable after a new room is added according to Darrel Assink from NZ Renovation Company. This projects needs to be approached with caution too since it could divide a buyer’s interest, he adds. The cost for this project usually start from $60,000 depending on the work extent required.

Experts advise a large sum of the money should be spent on renovating bathrooms and kitchens. These service areas are the first that show signs of wear and tear. Bathrooms and kitchens benefit more on these renovation or remodeling jobs. These are also the parts of the house which are judged frequently. Assink said that those renovation work that doesn’t need any form of building consent is also the cheapest. As a result, the owners get better return on their investment. When plumbing is required, consents are already needed.

Given that the cost for renovation or remodeling on bathrooms and kitchens can still run to more than $20,000 from $3,000, it is important that a Money Back Guarantee is offered by the furniture shops when new furniture is bought like vanities. Installation of new furniture is a part of the renovation or remodeling process and these are costly items although it may not always be required to buy new ones. Sometimes, cosmetic changes are enough like repainting cupboards and installing new doors handles or faucets.

Other renovation that are usually done are painting in rooms, upgrading the heating system, adding an outdoor area and adding visual impressions from the outside.

Ugly Uniform Compilation Updated

The star pitcher of the Chicago White Sox, Chris Sale, received a suspension from the Major League Baseball club after he decided to tear apart the throwback uniforms that the entire team is scheduled to wear. He used a pair of scissors to accomplish the task.

Sale was supposed to play as pitcher in last Saturday’s game but he was not allowed to be in the game after he torn several retro 1976 uniform jerseys. The exact number of the destroyed jerseys is still unknown.

Sources reveal that it was Sale’s request that they should not be forced to wear the jerseys since he finds them uncomfortable to play in. According to the same source, Sale’s did the cutting during his batting practice. He was upset that the people behind the jerseys are more considered about PR and the jersey sales rather than in winning the game.

The club still refused to give in to his demand and that was when Sale got quite mad. He reasoned that the team is giving more importance to how much the jersey sales they could gather and are not concerned whether they win or not despite the uncomfortable uniform.

The White Sox are order to wear the throwback uniform made last 1983 in exchange to the ones that has been damaged by Sale.

Sale received a fine amounting to $12,700 which is roughly the total price of the jerseys he destroyes. He also got a suspension of five days in addition to the fine as punishment. With the five day suspension, he will not receive a pay of $250,000.

In sports history, Sale is not the only one who finds that there is something to be complained about their ugly team uniforms. Take for example the Cleveland Cavaliers and other NBA teams after they are forced to wear the back in fashion T-shirt jersey.

The Golden State Warriors started bringing the trend back in 2013 and other clubs followed suit such as the Cavaliers who decided to don them during their 2015 game versus the New York Knicks. Lebron started poorly during the game and on the second quarter he decided to tear off the sleeves of his T-shirt jersey. Comfort really is everything that is why despite being called the ugly Christmas sweater, many still wears it because of the comfort.

Australia’s Preference For Pre-Packaged Fruits And Vegetables

The current trend in Australia is snacking vegetables that is highly appropriate for school lunches, for busy moms and for people who spend time at the gym; however, there aren’t enough options in the Australian market. Farmers do not have the time to package and sell produce but Supermarket buyers from Europe have brought with them their knowledge and technology which led to the increase of pre-packaged fruits and vegetables on supermarket shelves.

It looks like there is more consumer confidence on the pre-packaged fruits and vegetables because they assume that it has higher quality considering that they are protected by packaging that prevents tampering. Food waste reduction that used to be issue in the past years has been minimized because pre-packaged fruits and vegetables fit the demographics of people purchasing the products. Produce is available in all sorts of pack sizes and format cups, trays and pouches that have heat sealed and flow wrapped.

Shelf life is another issue in packed fruits and vegetables. If you will consider the size of Australia, food travels huge distances before it reaches the supermarkets. A couple of extra days can make a big difference in the bottom line at the level of both the retailer and the consumer. Furthermore, Australia is also into exports and huge amounts of fruits and vegetables are sent to the Asian market. Shelf life is a big factor in deciding which type of packaging to use for long journeys.

There is no trend in Australia that says you have to away with packaging but there is an inclination to keep packaging lighter and to convert clamshells into heat sealed trays. Biodegradable packaging is certainly more expensive than regular packaging but the consumers can be educated on the difference. Some produce packaging is still made from non-recyclable plastic but since there are legislations against the use of plastic, people will recognize the importance of different packaging.

Yes, indeed, packaging is very critical for products. In order to save from the costs of packaging, the best option is Paper Mart that offers the best quality packaging supplies for very low prices. Just give the company a call or send an email for your orders.

Why Ownership Of Office Condominium Is More Than Justified


In New York City, office rents climbed to record highs with the average rental rates reaching $72 per square foot. Whether you are a startup or an established company, the drastic increase in office rental cannot be easily justified. Businesses have to look for a more stable economic solution by purchasing an office condominium. Investment in an office condominium is a long term solution that can stabilize business expenses. In every major city in the US as well as Europe and Asia, office condominiums are prevalent but in New York, it is a small but growing niche. There is 10.5 million square feet of office condominium in the city that represents 2% of the 500 million square feet office market.

Benefits gained from an office condominium

  1. The total annual cost of ownership is definitely less than leasing. Market lease rates at present far exceed annual carrying costs that include common charges, utilities, real estate taxes and mortgage payments.
  2. Exemption from the payment of real estate tax is only granted to non-profit and government organizations. Tenants leasing office space have to pay taxes on their leases no matter the status.
  3. If a business owns the office condominium, they will not be affected by any lease increases. Occupancy costs remain consistent and predictable to allow for accurate projections of operating expenses. In contrast, businesses that rent office space are subjected to fluctuations of the rental market and the whims of their landlords.
  4. Since the business owns the office space, construction and improvements can be made and are theirs to keep. When you improve a leased office space, the improvements would be lost by the tenant when the lease expires.
  5. Investments in remodeling and improvement can be justified if it means increasing competitive edge or enhancing the value of the real estate property.

If you want to Find Thai Property to be used as an office, there are new projects underway of various magnitudes to suit whatever requirements. A Thai property is a sound investment opportunity because you will own a piece of property in one of the most spectacular countries in the world.

Biggest Mining Operation Of Bitcoins In The US To Be Organized By John McAfee

There is fear in a lot of people as to the future of the cryptocurrency since the mining of the bitcoin is mostly dominated by a number of Chinese firms. It was known all over the globe that one of the competing firms, KnCMiner, is now bankrupt due to its endeavor in bitcoin mining. The news, however, was not able to rattle the new venture that will try to outdo China in bitcoin mining and with a facility in none other than the US soil.

MGT Capital Investments, Inc. is now ready with their mining operations after having secured a place that they can use. The location is equipped with a hydro power source, an electric dam, and is known to be low cost. The new facility can be found in the state of central Washington and will have a processing tower that will be able to generate more than two PetaHash. The facility is expected to be in motion by August 1 of this year. In case the company decides to, the facility will be able to handle an expansion of up to 10 PetaHash.

According to the a statement from the company, the reason why they decided to join in is because of the foreseen high profit margines due to the current value of the bitcoin in the market as well as the launching of the latest 16 nanometer ASIC chips that will be able to help achieve this profit. Furthermore, when the transaction process continues to have a high demand, the mining machines can be used to perform other tasks that are found on the Blockchain.

John McAfee, known as the pioneer of the cyber security and the founder of the very first anti-virus software that was commercially available in the market, is also the proposed Executive Chairman and the CEO of MGT. Aside from McAfee, the venture is to be spearheaded by Robert Collazo who is a known entrepreneur. As new ventures will try to enter the bitcoin mining industry, it only proves further that bitcoin is secure.