Townhouse Where Barack Obama Used To Live Now For Sale

The real estate market is currently buzzing with excitement because of the new properties that are up for sale. The first one is an apartment suitable for royalties and it is located in the centre of the Italian palace located in Rome. The entire floor of the apartment covers 4,305 square foot and there are four bedrooms with five bathrooms.

It also comes with a living room, kitchen and dining room. The interior of the home is perfect or the historic setting of the place, which is within the Mareghi palace. It was built back in 1870. The place can be yours for $7.3 million.

The second property in the market is the duplex penthouse that is located in the West End of London’s tallest residential tower. The property may be bought for around $70 million. The penthouse is in the 33rd and 34th floors and it covers an area of 7,223 square foot. It has five bedrooms with an en-suit baths. It also features a living room, dining room, study, reception area and a kitchen.

The ceiling of the penthouse is 16 foot tall. It comes with floor to ceiling windows that can be covered with roller blinds made to measure. The penthouse is also equipped with modern technology such as security systems, temperature control, Creston lighting as well as audio visual room.

One of the most interesting properties for sale in New York is the townhouse located in Brooklyn where Barack Obama, the former president, used to reside after his graduation from Columbia University. He lived there during the 80s and it is sold for $4.29 million. The property was built during the 20th century and Obama used to occupy only the top floor of the building.

The residence has 10 rooms – five bedrooms and three bathrooms. The total land area is 3,860 square feet. It comes with four fireplaces and its own private garden. The window can be covered with roller blinds made to measure for privacy. The property is located near the Grand Army Plaza and Prospect Park.

A Nurse Decided To Change Her Profession And Became A Life Coach

Jill Cowley was born and raised in Gainsborough. She worked there as a nurse. It was two years ago when she decided to reinvent herself and become a life coach instead. The same hometown she loved the most became the starting point of her own business.

Positive Minds was founded by Jill in November of 2015. In order to be a qualified life coach, she finished her training which comprised of basic as well as specialist subject that concerns life coaching.

She explained that when she started her profession, she would meet with her clients in their homes but she eventually realized that it is important for her to have her very own consultation space.

Jill’s business is now located at the Plough Business Hub. She revealed that she decided to establish her business in Gainsborough because she used to be employed by the town as their community nurse and she did it for many years. After that, she was also employed by Caskgate Street Surgery as their nurse.

Her origins can be traced back at Lincolnshire where she was born. As soon as she is set for high school, her parents enrolled her at Queen Elizabeth’s High School which is located in Gainsborough too. She pursued her career and went to London for training when she was only 18 years old.

For the past two years before becoming a life coach herself, she was able to experience the benefit of having a life coach.

Jill shared that of all the things she has done, she considers it to be her greatest achievement because she was able to change course and go outside her comfort zone. She underwent a new training and went on to establish her own business while creating a network of clients.

She is still busy learning more from life coach school and she was able to perform one-off sessions with businesses. She added that many people of her age might be thinking about retirement but this is not the case for her as she is thinking of going straight ahead and changing direction as she see fits.

Identity Malta Denies Existence Of Faults In The ID Card System

Identity Malta (IM) is the government agency responsible for the administration of identification cards and documents, passports and work & residency permits. The agency has denied the existence of failures on its registry and has insisted that the system being used has been recently audited and found to be up to standard. Doubts were raised after it was found out that some individuals have two ID cards entitling them a corresponding number of voting documents.

A report from Malta Independent cited the presence of leaked documents from within the agency meaning that the ID card system might have collapsed. From a sample of 300 taken by the agency it was found out that 80 had multiple ID card numbers that were listed in the register.

On the other hand, Identity Malta has denied the claims because the most recent audit that was carried out by Ernst and Young and the European Telecommunications Standard Institute on behalf of the EU showed that the ID card system was up to standard.

Identity Malta further stressed that the leaked documents were not actually samples but an entire list of individuals that were assigned a provisional ID card. The provisional ID cards that were marked with “P” were issued to Maltese citizens who failed to produce a birth certificate. The agency confirmed that these individuals had the right to vote and that their number is actually 283 of whom 278 appeared in the latest electoral register.

According to a spokesperson from IM, their ID card system has no systematic faults. The National Identity Database Management Computer System requires double and triple checking of data before the identification cards go to an ID card printer. All software and hardware used by the system are up to international standards.

In addition to the ID cards marked P, there are also cards marked A which are issued to expats who are residents of Malta. These individuals are not allowed to vote in general elections. The A card can be changed to P after the individual has resided in Malta for 20 years or if married to a Maltese citizen but unable to acquire the original birth certificate from country of origin.

Australian Designs Shown Off During Milan’s Design Week

Simple in appearance, with a few unique touches to differentiate them, bar stools in Australia are much like what one would expect from such a furniture anywhere in the globe; with its own distinct feel that sets it apart. One would not expect bar stools to be displayed in a 12th-century courtyard in Milan.

Except, at this year’s Milan design week last early April, that’s exactly what happened, as the works of 11 designers from the country were exhibited near the Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio, one of Milan’s oldest churches, inside the Oratorio della Passione. The display was organized and produced by Local Design, an Australian online furniture store, and exhibited in a small room.

The room was filled with several thousand white bricks, stacked together to act as platforms for the exhibition of the Australian designs, which ranged from simpler pieces for the country’s booming hospitality market, ranch-fit leather armchairs, even to bar stools. The wide range of designs which make up the Australian aesthetic shows the many different influences for the country’s style, seen in all the furniture, including bar stools in Australia, among other things, according to Emma Elizabeth, a Local Milan curator.

On the oratory courtyard, the exhibition already shows off designs from the country, with the first thing greeting visitors being new Hurdle chairs from Dowel Jones. Further into the room, more designs show up, these ones clearly taking into account Australia’s climate. An example is the SP01 wire chair designed by Tom Fereday, which even has the ability to survive the Australian outdoors as its main selling point.

In addition to furniture designs, lighting designs were also exhibited during the show, which Elizabeth says is part of the growing overseas interest for Australian design. According to her, the interest in Australian designs stem from the connection of furniture design to local culture, and the Australian lifestyle itself. She adds that Australian designs are a big thing, and that they’re worth exploring and understanding more.

Elizabeth, however, has pointed out the major issue lies in handling shipping costs, especially with regards to shipping to somewhere like Milan, which she describes as a nightmare.

The Local Milan show was held last April 4 to 9, and, interestingly, was also graced by an exhibit focusing on a country’s aesthetics; the Ventura Lambrate exhibit, ‘Everything is Connected’ did the same as the exhibit for Australians, only, this time, for Norwegians.

Most Common Renovation Projects In The Bathroom

In terms of home improvement, the most recent trend nowadays is more focused in the bathroom area. The remodeling industry is receiving overwhelming projects when it comes to bathroom remodeling. This is a fact backed by data gathered by They have found out that the number of remodeling projects for bathroom in the country increased by 64 per cent in the year 2015.

It is believed that one of the major reasons for the sudden increase is that people are now aware that remodeling a bathroom is not as expensive as they think it would be. The truth is that renovating a bathroom will cost half compared to renovating the kitchen. Add the fact that it will impact the resale value of the property in a good way. The question now is this, what most common renovation projects are homeowners doing for their bathrooms?

First on the list is bathtub replacement. Homeowners can be very busy at times that it takes them a number of years before they realize that the status of their bathtub is slowly deteriorating. When one takes the time to do an inspection, they will be able to see signs of the old tub such as chipping on the surface as well as visible cracks. One might even see mildew and mold growth all around the tub. Not all homeowners are opting for bathtub replacement because their tub is old but some are just looking for a way to upgrade their bathroom. Changing the tub can make a big difference in the overall look of the bathroom.

Aside from bathtub replacement, the most common project in the bathroom area is bath and shower liners. This is ideal for homeowners who are having problem with the bath equipment but does not have the means to do a complete replacement. This is a popular option because it is affordable as well as quick to install.

We are now living in the digital world where everyone is always in a hurry. It is not surprising to see homeowners opting to convert their bathtubs to showers. Showers take less time and occupy less space in the bathroom. These bathroom installations can easily be accomplished by hiring a professional and experienced bathroom fitter.

Land Opportunities For New Offices In Auckland

There are a lot of opportunities around Auckland this year. With every opportunity open in this area, there seems to be an endless noticeable demand for commercial properties, for investor and owner-occupier commercial land. This is what John Ulrich, the commercial manager for Barfoot & Thompson in the foreword of the agency’s latest portfolio that is to be released within the week.

It was noted that until the moment of writing the article, the agency has more than $100 million worth of CBD properties contracts. It is stated that the demand for tourism opportunities, new office spaces, and redevelopment places and sites are being featured and presented in the Auckland market. The upward pressure on interest rates is now secondary to the lack of supply and low rates of vacancy for prime office and industrial markets. The new portfolio also has new featured properties which include two prime individual titles of properties in the heart of Newmarket. These titles are being sold by two separate agents and tenders are scheduled to be closed on May 17, Wednesday. These sites, located at436 Broadway and 89 Nuffield Street, is 1809 square metres in land space. A buyer could purchase the land in a “buy one or buy both” basis, this canbe an important development in the future. There is an existing Auckland Unitary Plan that has combined three street frontages has 117 metres in total and this is called the Zone Metropolitan Centre.

There are more land and commercial properties being sold all over thus providing new offices, new tourism sites, new places and sites to develop and renovate. New businesses and opportunities are being offered for the development and success of the different projects, especially for the CBD. These building and new properties would also mean new opportunities for the different markets and industries to sell and provide their services. New office spaces will mean new office furniture in Auckland offices and stores, more workers needed, more jobs for the people. These land for development, lease, rent, or sale, is under the zoned Business Local Centre for the Auckland Unitary Plan.

3 Benefits Of Accountant Professional Liability Insurance

At some point, your firm may be subjected to official enquiry or audit by the ATO or Australian Taxation Office. Aside from the ATO, other government agencies such as the federal, state and territory based agencies can request to peruse and look into your tax records. The offices that these agencies check are chosen randomly or when there is a reason for the audit. Whether or not they find anything significant on your books, you would still cover the professional fees and charges accrued during the process. To avoid getting financially shocked for the process, it would be best to have an insurance that will cover all the expenses incurred in the process such as an accountant professional liability insurance. Here are some of the benefits of the insurance.

Professional assistance

If you are a non-accountant, having some government representatives check your tax records and legal documents can be daunting. The entire process can also consume your time. To protect you financially and to make the process speedy, hire a professional tax accountant to represent you in these events. This way, your other important business activities will not be sacrificed. After all, you have a tax accountant who will do the works for you and an insurance that will cover the expenses.

Financial protection

Random audits initiated by ATO and other government agencies incur professional fees. Without accountant professional liability insurance, you might be encumbered financially with all the charges and fees that you are required to pay. One thing about these tax audits is that the business firm or individual tax payer subjected to audits gets to pay all the charges and fees incurred while the tax audit is on-going.

Peace of mind

Of all the benefits of having an accountant professional liability insurance, peace is mind is probably on the top of it all. With insurance coverage, you won’t mind getting a surprise government tax audit because you have a tax audit insurance that will cover all the expenses and assist you in the process. Provide the insurance provider the documents needed and you can rest assured that everything is being taken care of.