Online Recipe And Meal Management

For chefs and professional cooks, companies such as offer software solution to make their ordering system easier. The good news is that people who are in charge of cooking at home can also have their own software. The software is known as RecipeCloud and the application serves as a social cookbook wherein home cooks will be able to discover new recipes, save, organize as well as share their favorite recipes through social media platforms.

RecipeCloudwas released more than 4.5 years ago but now it is undergoing a huge expansion with the development of a complementary web application. The new web app has some great features such as giving home cooks the ability to manage their recipes, plan their daily meals as well as their grocery shopping. Everything will then be stored in the cloud in order for them to access their accounts anywhere they are and regardless of the device they use.

The software used to offer only the basics such as searching, saving, editing, organizing and sharing but now it has updated features and it comes with a web application. There is also an iOS release for non-android users.

The home cook can now make a number of cookbooks at one with option to make their collections either private or public. Currently, RecipeCloud users have uploaded almost 230,000 recipes. User can upload their personal recipes or they can search for new recipes using the web.

Recipes can be organized into thousands of cookbooks with themes for an efficient management as well as ease of navigation. This is also recommended for business owners creating a recipe for their new restaurant or individuals planning to release their own cookbook. Users are given the freedom to save their private recipes as well as cookbooks when necessary.

For home cooks, planning meals is made easier with the app because they can drag and drop recipes on the corresponding dates when they will be cooked. For bigger restaurants or those in the food service industry, there are online ordering software such as the one from wherein recipe management and ingredient ordering is made easy.