Number Of Tourists, Eaters At Restaurant Bangkok Up By 4.8% In July

As you know it, the tourism industry in the Kingdom of Thailand has been of the most active in the world right now and this success can be associated with the mere fact that the number of international tourists who are arriving in various cities of the kingdom and enjoying Thailand’s wide variety of tourist destinations that are filled with tourists regardless if it’s peak season or not. In addition to this, the city of Bangkok for one, has been recognized as the best city in terms offering the best value for money for international tourists. And, the tourism industry in the city has been able to generate billions Baht’s’ worth of tourism-related revenues which can be used to improve the quality of services being availed by tourists from various service providers in the industry such as a restaurant Bangkok which can offer clients a wide variety of meals and dishes that can easily satisfy any kind of cravings that you may have right now whether it’s authentic Thai cuisine or you’re probably craving other food from other countries.

Last Just of 2017, the officials from the Tourism Authority of Thailand have announced that the tourism industry in the country has recorded a 4.8% increase in the number of mainly international tourists who arrived during the entire month of July. Many of the said tourists were from Thailand’s fellow Asian countries like China, Malaysia, Laos, Korea and even India which has been adding more flights from India to Thailand and vice versa. To be exact, the total number of international visitors who flocked to Thailand during the said month is amounting to 3.1 million tourists. In addition to this, the seven-month period number of tourist arrivals stood at 20.4 million, an increase of 4.47%. For the whole year of 2017, the royal Thai government, led by its tourism officials and the service providers from the industry, including a restaurant Bangkok in the kingdom’s capital city, is expecting a grand total of 35 million tourists who will arrive and visit Thailand’s most precious tourist estimations that are scattered all throughout the kingdom.