New Bill In California Will Regulate Rehab Facilities And Dialysis Industries

A lawmaker from California is trying to pass a bill that will regulate drug rehab facilities as well as dialysis providers who are allegedly making a lot of profits from susceptible patients. These facilities are able to earn millions of dollars by charging very high medical fees. The bill will not affect Los Angeles luxury rehab as long as they are operating legally and are not taking advantage of clients.

The proposal is set to be heard on the Senate on April. The supporters of the bill said that there are a number of providers as well as charities and middlemen in the said industry are encouraging the patients to get their health insurance and sign up for a premium because they are receiving big profits from it. According to them, this is the reason why insurance costs are rapidly increasing in the drug treatment and dialysis industries.

The main sponsor of the bill is Senator Connie Leyva. She said that providers are allowed to make profit but this is only up to a point where the profits are not prioritized over the well-being and the overall health of their patients. Too high profits can impact the premium costs of health insurance for Californians should not be tolerated.

Bill Shield of California is one of the biggest insurance providers in the state but the company is in favor of the proposed bill, Senate Bill 1156, along with Service Employees International Union-UHW which is an influential labor group.

The main goal of premium assistance programs is to help patients who do not have the money to pay for their premiums. The costs are covered by providers or in some cases outsiders in the company. Many health insurers are not happy about this and in 2014 they were further angered by the introduction of the Affordable Care Act.

The problem is now worse than before because of the number of individuals diagnosed with opioids addiction. With this bill, they are hoping to separate the Los Angeles luxury rehab from facilities that are taking advantage of clients.