Multi-Million Maintenance Contracts Fail To Keep Schools Clean

Professional and affordable school cleaning in Sydney can help an educational institution maintain its good image in the community. Cleanliness and hygiene is very important for schools to ensure the health and safety of their students. While maintenance staff can provide a certain level of cleanliness, a professional cleaning service can deliver higher levels of hygienic standards.

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) plans to conduct regular monthly inspections on school buildings to address the complaints of parents regarding school cleanliness. Multi-million maintenance contracts were awarded to certain companies that will face sanctions in case there are unsatisfactory conditions in schools. The plans were met with scepticism by parent advocates and Chicago Teachers Union. Complaints about dirty schools increased after the custodial management contracts were awarded to two firms.

The Mollison Elementary School was found out to be infested by rodents late last year and questions were raised by Chicago Sun Times about building inspections. According to CPS, they have conducted 125 comprehensive and unannounced inspections in school buildings to assess their conditions. Out of the 125 schools that were inspected, 91 failed the initial inspections on a variety of categories that include food storage and pest control.

Jesse Starkey, CTU vice president said it is demoralizing and unfair for students to study under this kind of conditions. Cleanliness goes beyond having toilet and soap in bathrooms; there are many basic things necessary to ensure cleanliness. Meanwhile, CPS has made a commitment to hire 200 additional custodians that will be tasked to clean schools during the summer break.

CPS must also appoint a quality control team with the responsibility to audit school conditions and create corrective plans for vendors. The team must also report how plans for expanding facilities management are progressing. Everyone must be accountable in providing reports until a satisfactory level is reached.

A high level of cleanliness and hygiene is guaranteed by school cleaning in Sydney that believes that students deserve a safe and healthy environment. When an enhanced hygiene standard is delivered, it will prevent any cross contamination in an environment where bacteria can be easily transferred. The end result will be healthier and more productive students and teachers.