Mould Crisis In Sydney Due To Heavy Rains

Residents in Sydney are currently in danger of being exposed to mould which can be fatal especially if it has been hiding in homes undiscovered.

It has been months since the torrential rain started that brought about a high level of humidity. Mould crisis are now starting to emerge because of poor ventilation in houses coupled with clutter inside the household. With all these factors present in a home, it is not impossible for mould to thrive fast.

According to the companies that do mould removal in Sydney, this is the record-breaking worst outbreak they have to deal with. There are even homeowners complaining that mould grew in their house in just a single night.

The most alarming of all are moulds that exist undetected such as those under the beds, under the carpets and inside the wall cavities of a house that looks to be perfectly clean outside.

According to Associate Professor Janet Rimmer who is working for Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, the mould can be a reason for plague of asthma to start and there are cases where it can be fatal to humans.

Homeowners that are unknowingly living inside homes that have mould infestation can suffer because it has negative effect on their respiratory health. It can transmit a number of toxins that is inhaled by humans and can be the reason for sickness.

Professor Rimmer also said that mould exposure can bring about symptoms such as wheezing, coughing, shortness of breathing and irritation on both eyes and nose.

Jeanette Williams, an ecolibria consultant and building biologist, said that mould removal companies in Sydney are in demand more than ever. She added the fact that Sydney homes are not constructed to withstand such weather conditions.

She explained that the cold forced homeowners to close their homes but the rain never stopped since the month of June and a few leaks inside the home can cause damp as well as mould. Molds will thrive best in this condition because there is lesser ventilation and the humidity is quite high.

Residents are highly encouraged to call for mould removal in Sydney if someone in the house is displaying the symptoms mentioned above with no mould in sight as they can be hiding undetected.