Most Common Renovation Projects In The Bathroom

In terms of home improvement, the most recent trend nowadays is more focused in the bathroom area. The remodeling industry is receiving overwhelming projects when it comes to bathroom remodeling. This is a fact backed by data gathered by They have found out that the number of remodeling projects for bathroom in the country increased by 64 per cent in the year 2015.

It is believed that one of the major reasons for the sudden increase is that people are now aware that remodeling a bathroom is not as expensive as they think it would be. The truth is that renovating a bathroom will cost half compared to renovating the kitchen. Add the fact that it will impact the resale value of the property in a good way. The question now is this, what most common renovation projects are homeowners doing for their bathrooms?

First on the list is bathtub replacement. Homeowners can be very busy at times that it takes them a number of years before they realize that the status of their bathtub is slowly deteriorating. When one takes the time to do an inspection, they will be able to see signs of the old tub such as chipping on the surface as well as visible cracks. One might even see mildew and mold growth all around the tub. Not all homeowners are opting for bathtub replacement because their tub is old but some are just looking for a way to upgrade their bathroom. Changing the tub can make a big difference in the overall look of the bathroom.

Aside from bathtub replacement, the most common project in the bathroom area is bath and shower liners. This is ideal for homeowners who are having problem with the bath equipment but does not have the means to do a complete replacement. This is a popular option because it is affordable as well as quick to install.

We are now living in the digital world where everyone is always in a hurry. It is not surprising to see homeowners opting to convert their bathtubs to showers. Showers take less time and occupy less space in the bathroom. These bathroom installations can easily be accomplished by hiring a professional and experienced bathroom fitter.